Letters to the Editor 04-18-14

This winter, I watched as a goose that had died, frozen in the water, had to lay in its sleeping position for weeks until the ice slowly melted. Each day one would wonder how long till the goose would finally slip away under the surface to its resting spot in the bottom of the pond.
But more so, I wondered what it was like for the other geese to have go on each day with their friend dead on the ice?
We all go about our community each day, passing buildings and places where we have made memories. It is nice to reflect on those times when you go by and there is still life in those places like Dietsch’s and Wilson’s. Or, if we go by places that have been restored, like Logan’s or the Gathering.
But what about those places that are lifeless, but still there for us to reflect? Or just as bad, a building that has some activity, but the owner or retailer has let it go to ruin or collect a heap of trash and junk. Those places are like the dead goose, frozen on the ice.
We must drive by and let our hearts be broken when we think of the life that was once there and a time gone by. And the buildings that are slowly dying and need taken out of their misery. If they can’t be revived, they must be removed!
I am thankful for those people that have restored parts of this town.
I hope we can keep the trend going! I drove by Hobby Lobby. Some of you may remember the old Hills store that was there! How nice it is looking now, like an old friend that had a facelift.
It is up to us to take care of our homes and businesses to keep Findlay a great town. We need our government to stay vigilant and enforce those places that are heaping trash and allowing them to go to ruin! We can’t go to sleep on the ice, we have to keep moving!
Keep going, Findlay. Make big changes!
Jamie Miller

When Cliff Hite was appointed to the Ohio Senate in 2011, he took a chance on two young Ohio House of Representatives staffers to work in his office. Although we have since moved on in our careers, we are proud to say that Cliff was once our boss, but is now a mentor, adviser, and truly family.
One thing you learn while working in the state Legislature is how diverse the population of Ohio is. There are thousands of opinions on thousands of issues, and even among people from the same political party, consensus cannot often be reached. We have learned that it is important to understand the character of our leaders making the tough decisions. Working in his office, we saw the passion and determination he uses to fight for his constituents. Cliff is unwavering in his devotion to doing what is right for the people who voted him into office. He is truly the “coach” of the Ohio Senate.
And even when some of those voters disagree with a position on an issue or vote cast, Cliff is always ready, willing and able to discuss the decision-making process. The senator often goes out of his way to find the interested parties who may disagree to find consensus.
Cliff has made the tough decisions. We have seen him stand up for conservative principles, sometimes even against his own party. Cliff has been effective in protecting the unborn. He has promoted the Second Amendment, lowered the tax burden on Ohioans, returned state tax dollars back to the 1st Senate District, and he is tireless in his lifelong dedication to education.
All of these things make him a great legislator. But Sen. Hite is more than a great legislator, he is a great man. We had the honor and privilege to learn from someone who has committed his life to improving the lives of others.
Cliff loves God, his family, his friends, and Ohio. The citizens of northwestern Ohio have a strong legislator in Cliff Hite, but more importantly, they have a remarkable man.
Alexandria Mock
Spencer Waugh

The Ohio School Boards Association strongly encourages residents to vote for McComb Local School District’s 0.5 percent income tax renewal on May 6. This ballot issue will help ensure the district has the funds needed to maintain financial stability. It will not require any additional tax dollars from residents because it is a renewal issue.
Public education is the foundation of a community, preparing students for success in college, careers and lifelong learning. McComb and school districts across Ohio are working hard to maintain the high-quality instruction and services residents have come to expect during a time of dwindling resources, ever-increasing mandates and challenging economic conditions.
McComb has seen state funding cuts, decreases in income tax revenue and total elimination of the tangible personal property tax revenue over the past five years. To stay within its budget, the district has reduced positions and cut costs associated with utilities. McComb has strived to be a responsible steward of taxpayer dollars while maintaining an emphasis on student achievement.
This five-year income tax renewal, which was first approved by voters in 2004, will go toward McComb’s critical, day-to-day operating expenses. By state law, the operating funds can only go toward uses like educational programs, instructional materials and personnel costs.
This income tax renewal will allow McComb to focus on what it does best: helping students succeed. By voting for this ballot issue, you are helping maintain educational excellence and ensuring a bright future for children in your community. That’s why OSBA urges residents to vote for McComb’s income tax renewal. It is a wise and much-needed investment in your schools and community.
Jeff Chambers
director of communication services
Ohio School Boards Association



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