Letters to the Editor 04-23-14

The proposed electronic cigarette law for minors is fine, but to outlaw adult public usage is ridiculous. Where is the harm to another person? There is no smoke lingering in the air to make another person (non-smoker) breathe it in.
Findlay City Council needs to soundly reject a law against adult public usage of e-cigs.
I’m not convinced they should even be categorized as cigarettes since there is no combustion going on. Combustion means burning and that is the main argument for the ban on public smoking, along with how secondhand smoke may cause non-smokers to have cancer.
I have never seen any proof that people aren’t born with dormant, undetectable cancer cells. The human body is less than perfect. I have heard of many dedicated smokers that go to their demise without one session of any cancer and many that had cancer without ever smoking.
Is all the hype about smoking just a brainwashing technique because some people don’t like the smell or the dirty ashtrays? Can it be absolutely determined that cancer is solely caused by the combustible cigarette or is there some cause to be associated to it from our biological makeup? Or does it (cancer) come from our workplaces’ use of chemicals?
We were not made to be perfect human beings, as is evident from the way our fellow human beings treat each other — wars, torture, trampling of others just because they don’t like the way others look or don’t like how intelligent or how fat or thin they are, who they are, etc.
If our bodies were absolutely perfectly clear of all these things so that the maladies might be laid on what we consume or breathe in, there would be valid justification to ban multiple items we ingest and breathe because we would never meet our demise otherwise. But, we do. No matter how healthily we attempt to live, we all owe a death.
Aren’t we regulated enough yet? We are giving up too quickly what our founding fathers fought for when this country was founded. We are taxed and regulated more than we ever were by anyone. There is no harm from e-cigs to others.
Deb Green

Common Core takes control of education away from parents, teachers and the local elected officials.
The Common Core standards are copyrighted and owned by private organizations and were created by a company named Achieve with the majority of funding coming from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
It is also being mandated by state governments, including Ohio. This leaves many cash-strapped schools scrambling to find funds to purchase the necessary computers, which also leads them to the money and use of Race to the Top funds to implement Common Core, and results in huge profits for the Gateses.
States and schools will become the administering agent for a nationalized education.
Since most instruction is from workbooks, with no textbooks, parents find it difficult to help students because they have no examples to follow, especially in math.
James Milgram was on the Math Feedback Committee and Validation Committee, but he refused to sign off on the math standards because they put the United States two years behind achieving countries.
Under Common Core, global citizenship takes precedence over American values. Common Core’s goals have no references to American exceptionalism, our Constitution, and certainly no references to God.
Nationalizing education via Common Core promotes an agenda of anti-capitalism, socialism, and human guilt for people using the earth’s resources unwisely.
If you would like to learn more about Common Core, please attend a seminar from 9-11 a.m. April 26 at the Glandorf Parish Center Gym located at 109 Main St., Glandorf. The speaker will be Heidi Huber.
Corey Shankleton, who is running for District 1 state Senate, does not approve of Common Core and he plans to be at this event.
Vanessa Vandale

Christians are everywhere? I don’t think so. God is everywhere, but Christians haven’t got there yet.
Amanda Gehris (letter, April 16) told me in her last paragraph to “use your inside voice and to remember your manners.” Now, that sounds an awful lot like “sit down and shut up.”
It sounds like Ms. Gehris has had some bad experiences with church people and is feeling persecuted.
What does she think they did to Christ? What does she think they did to his disciples? John was the only one who wasn’t killed violently.
She said she feared for her personal safety when she wore her cross necklace. Why? As children of God, we have nothing to fear. We trust him to protect us.
He said, “The perfect love of God casts out all fear.” He said, “Cast your burdens on me for I care for you.” He meant that.
Ms. Gehris said she was taught in Sunday school that Christians are a persecuted minority. I was taught that God and I are a majority. If you have him, you have it all. I have found that to be true.
We need churches that accurately teach the word of God. In addition, we need to read and study that word ourselves. If what we hear in church does not line up with his word, then we need to find one that does.
The Holy Spirit living inside us is a great teacher. He also alerts us to anything we hear that is not biblically correct.
We must remember all churches have people in them with different attitudes. We are human. Stuff happens. It is necessary to stay focused on Christ.
That is why Jesus prayed, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”
I think of Peter when he stepped out of the boat to walk on the water. As long as he stayed focused on Jesus, he walked! But he looked at the storm and sank. Which is what we all do when we don’t stay focused on our savior.
Jesus’ last words? “Go and tell”!
Barbara J. Rice



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