Letters to the Editor 04-25-14

It is shameful to know that Cooper Tire’s 100-year celebration will be only three and a half hours long on a scheduled workday where half of the plant employees will be able to attend a short portion of it. It is also shameful to learn that the executives’ original plan was not to invite the retirees. However, after negotiations and out of fear of boycotting the celebrations by active hourly and salaried employees, they agreed to invite those who should be honored and celebrated at the event.
As the preparation for the big day continues, we have noticed super-sized banners with pictures of current active employees from various Cooper facilities hanging on the walls of the factory and corporate offices. Most of them we don’t recognize, unless a short biography is provided.
Since this is a historic and a once-in-a-lifetime event, it would’ve been more appropriate to hold an all-day celebration on an off day with pay so all employees, retirees and spouses/families could attend. It would’ve been more appropriate for the banners to include pictures of local retired employees and executives, individuals or groups, hourly and salary who are the true representatives of Cooper’s history.
Retirees whose sweat was cured with tires in the pits, and the ones who lost a finger or a life in the mills or assembling a tire, and former local executives who truly moved the company forward are more worthy of the celebration and the recognition than current executives behind corporate desks planning their next heist.
Armes, Hughes, Miller, Ostrander and Ms. Harmon: This “drive-by” celebration is no more than a publicity stunt and a distraction from current negative events. You have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that you are corporate thugs, incapable of operating a tire company. You don’t belong and your ignorance and arrogance are overwhelming. While you continue rewarding yourselves with millions in bonuses for your failures, employees get rewarded with free pizza for their outstanding performance!
On the bright side, we are looking forward to the free key chains, pens, T-shirts and, of course, free chicken dinners!
Jihad (Joe) Shaheen

This letter is in response to Sarah Totedo (letter, April 22). Farm subsidies are tied in with insurance that farmers pay for which cover crop damage, price protection, and disasters, through the USDA. In order to have insurance, they must sign up with the USDA and it is much like flood insurance.
The amount reported that is collected by the farmer covers a period of many years, so things do not always appear as they seem to the general public. What people do not realize is that depending upon the year and the price of crops, this payment is sometimes the difference between profit and loss for an entire year.
This keeps farmers in business and cheap food in our grocery stores.
We are not fans of any type of subsidy, which allows people to get more money back than they actually pay into the system. The big question to ask is, who has not received a subsidy?
This is no different than our local government taking federal funding (taxpayer money) for the Blanchard River.
Mr. Oman’s campaign is not about personal attacks on private entities, it is about getting the Blanchard River opened up so we don’t flood every time we get a 2-inch rain. We need to stick to the issue at hand (flooding) and stop wasting money on studying, and get something accomplished!
Dean and Kay Zeisloft
rural Findlay

We have spent millions on studying the Blanchard River and, to date, no one has been able to get a detailed accounting of where the Army Corps has spent the money.
The Courier has asked, individual citizens have asked, along with other groups, and no one has received any answers.
Yet the commissioners continue to send millions of dollars to the Army Corps. I ask, do you spend your money that way? I bet not. I know we don’t.
Ben Wittenmyer

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent for CNN, submitted an opinion piece called, “Why I would vote no on pot” in 2009. After finding the truth, he has apologized for being a part of the terrible and systematic act, misleading our people for 70 years.
Marijuana laws are not based on science, but a lack of. Cannabis was classified as a schedule 1 substance at the urging of Assistant Secretary of Health Roger Egeberg in 1970. Is it safe to say he was compensated very well for that effort to launch our most costly, senseless, and tyranny-over-the-mind-of-man war on drugs that has sent Americans to 14 million years of imprisonment. For what? To bring in nuke power, fossil fuel, pharmaceuticals, and poison chemical use, to make great riches for the cronies.
DuPont proclaimed a long time ago, “We bring you better living through chemistry.” What he did not say was, it would serve to trash this earth in 100 years.
In 120 days, hemp will be legal for any farmer in the state of Tennessee to grow, throwing a major spark in that state’s economy, to enjoy $3,000-an-acre profit without feeding Monsanto or DuPont, and bring back health to the soil, air, and all water.
Hey, now we can end farmers’ subsidies and do something more constructive, like feed our hungry.
Within a year, all states will have reversed a law that should have never been. Making cannabis illegal in 1937 was the most evil, wicked, and cruel action ever paid to make happen. That dastardly act is responsible for 80 percent of the poison waste in our rivers, lakes, and oceans.
Hemp and hydrogen are coming to the common people soon. We will no longer have any need for fossil fuel, or poison chemicals. Good news for us, not for the rulers.
On another good note, six years ago Ben Stein proclaimed corn ethanol to be the stupidest thing this government has ever allowed to happen. That statement has been confirmed in a recent study that only took half a million dollars to find out. Let’s use hemp instead of corn. It’s better.
Terry Cook


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