Letters to the Editor 04-26-14

I’m not quite sure what to think of Steve Oman’s campaign for commissioner.
He seems to believe that just getting all the debris out of the Blanchard River would make everything great again. Then, the water would run square through Findlay and everything would be all right until the next river blockage comes.
He also thinks we should be able to just remove the mussels from the river, even though the government says we can’t.
Of course, Mr. Oman is right. Why is he right? Because he says he’s right.
But where’s the proof? Should I just believe him and what he says?
What if Oman is wrong? The millions that were already spent on flood studies would be for naught because of his new course.
Is he just trying to hoodwink us into giving this community the biggest shortfall of all time?
Or is Oman maybe just one of the farmers upstream that has dumped his water on us and would like to sweep the problem under the rug without regard for those of us downstream?
Mario J. Bower

I am writing about the proposed downtown beautification. I know there are many for it and more against it.
Why not just spend tax money to fix the city streets? There are many potholes. People are blowing tires and that can lead to accidents.
And what about all the homeless people in town?
Some churches have community dinners once a month when they take turns preparing Sunday lunch. Panera Bread gives my church free bread for the homeless to take with them. Maybe other restaurants could make donations of excess foods, too. Just a suggestion.
Also, Findlay gas prices are too high. Many people now go to Bowling Green, Toledo and surrounding towns to get gas. Someone told me gas prices will rise to an all-time high this summer of $4 to $5.
Are you aware electric rates, natural gas, TV, Internet, phone services, and water and sewage fees have all risen in the past few years?
Just what are people on fixed incomes supposed to do, go on welfare?
Arlene Scoby

Kudos to the City of Findlay Water Department!
Shortly after our return from Florida, a city employee came to tell us that our water meter indicated excessive usage.
Thanks to that information and an immediate response from our plumber, the leakage was fixed!
Mariann D. Younger



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