Letters to the Editor 4-28-14


The article in The Courier (April 25) “Winter Takes Toll On Honey Bees,” should be a wake up call for all. Colony collapse has been going on for many years due to the spraying of poison on our food sources.
I have experienced problems in my own organic garden with produce not being pollinated due to the lack of bees and yes, butterflies, are also disappearing in record numbers.
The “Round-up ready” crops may be stopping weeds or not (Google “Superweeds”), but are killing off the very things needed to produce food. That’s not to mention the staggering health issues related to the eating of genetically modified organism crops.
That should be a wake up call for all, but sadly most will feel bees are a nuisance and not needed.
We need to stop messing with the perfect balance our God gave us, all for a buck. And a buck is what it is all about.
When the bees disappear so will the human race. Population control in perfection.
Toni Geren
rural Findlay

Thank you to Ohio’s U.S. Sens. Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman for looking out for Ohioans’ jobs by voting for the renewal of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for wind energy. The wind tax credit boosts investments in wind energy, creating good jobs, land lease payments for American farmers and local tax revenue to support schools.
Ohio is No. 1 in wind manufacturing in the country, with about 3,000 jobs. Continuing our support of wind will create more jobs in Ohio. It will also mean cleaner air and conservation of water resources as we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
A strong domestic wind industry also strengthens US competitiveness and energy independence. By supporting wind energy, Sens. Brown and Portman are protecting Ohioans’ jobs and healthy future.
Sarah Smith
Van Wert

When one rejects moral absolutes truth becomes what those in power want it to be. Hitler believed only the Aryan race was worthy of living, thus the Holocaust.
Our Constitution is great but it does not give us our freedom. Only trust in God guarantees freedom. Freedom is God’s gift to man.
A free country and people can only exist where there are moral absolutes.
Moral absolutes are the result of trusting a holy and loving creator.
God ordains government to punish evil works and protect and reward good works. God ordains kings and ruler to be subject to his laws.
“When rulers are no longer subject to God’s laws they assume God’s position and become devils.” That’s a quote from “The Truth Project, The Slippery Slope.”
In 1859, “Origin Of Species,” by Darwin, was published. In 1869 the president of Harvard appointed an evolutionist to be over the law school.
Up to that point the Bible was such a part of law practice that every case was challenged by the question, “Where is your position found in Scriptures?” Like many other universities, Harvard’s foundation was based on belief in God and Christ but became apostate, an enemy of Creator God and truth.
Darkness only exists because of an absence of light. Light always overcomes darkness. “Let your light shine before men that they may see …” When his own disciple Peter spoke inadvisably, Jesus said, “get behind me Satan.”
Based on what Jesus said to Peter, we are hearing Satan’s voice sounding out from the very top of the U.S. law enforcement and our White House.
Evolution is closed-minded and godless as is Socialism and Communism.
The only hope for our nation is a return to faith in creator God and his son Jesus Christ!
Let your light shine!
Wayne Baldridge

Wow! Old Man Winter has undergone a sex change and became a woman?
I always thought he was Mother Nature’s grumpy old husband.
I loved Robert Rodman’s letter (April 21) about the vicious lady that “led him on.”
I think we all had our fill of “her” this time around.
Where would we be without a good sense of humor? Thank you, Mr. Rodman.
Barbara J. Rice

If you work, I’m sure you have heard somebody complain about Occupational Health and Safety Act rules and regulations. While many of the rules may seem like a waste, most are there for a good reason.
Last year in Ohio, 105 workers left their home to go to work and never came back home. Today is Workers’ Memorial Day. Please take a moment to remember the workers who lost their lives while in the work place.
Robert Schoonover
Benton Ridge


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