Letters to the Editor 05-02-14

Sharon Stilipec (letter, April 29) asserted that I would replace the whole drain if it were plugged (letter, April 26).
She’s right. I would replace the whole drain if that was the source of the flooding problem and necessary to clean the Blanchard River. She, however, is suggesting replacing something much larger than the drain, the whole bathtub, and maybe the bathroom in this case.
My point being you can’t clean up and dredge 100 miles of river without a bigger plan than what’s currently being considered by the Corps of Engineers.
How are you going to pay for this new plan? Do we need another flood study? Are you going to organize this mammoth, colossal event after the election with all the citizens?
Stilipec almost sounds like a politician making promises just to get into office, knowing there is no future plan or proposal in place.
Mario J. Bower

People forget that the proposed “grand canal” (diversion channel) will only drop the Blanchard River by 6 inches. That was the figure used at one of the Army Corps meetings.
No one mentioned that there will be thousands of acres of farmland destroyed, or that there will have to be two bar ditches put on the outside of the banks to pick up existing state, county, township and private drainage systems to prevent back flooding from the grand canal.
As flat as the Blanchard River is, there is also potential back flooding by the river.
The cost of the grand canal in terms of destroyed wells, water table contamination, and unplugged oil well contamination all need to be addressed.
The cheapest option could very well be to fire up the bulldozers and flatten downtown Findlay.
There’s plenty of high ground. Build on a hill, you stay dry. Build in a hole, you get wet.
Emil A. Nagel

The Ohio Inspector General’s office failed to perform legally required duties in preparing its recently released but long-overdue report on the Coingate scandal at the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
State law says that if the inspector general finds mismanagement in state government, the report shall identify who did it. Instead of being about mismanagement, the Coingate report is a compilation of criminal matters, legislative reforms, and changes to the bureau’s operations.
Mismanagement by state officials was undoubtedly a cause of Coingate. The report notes that “gaps in oversight” led to “the widespread corruption.” And it lists the recommendations from three outside studies that found numerous management deficiencies regarding the scandal.
One study was the state auditor’s 2005 special audit. It said bureau officials violated the agency’s policies by investing $50 million with Republican fundraiser Tom Noe, who stole millions of it and laundered campaign contributions to Republican candidates. The audit also found that bureau officials bypassed normal contract processing for Noe and failed to check on investments.
Because the Republican inspector general gave a pass to Republican state officials responsible for serious mismanagement, the public still doesn’t know what caused one of the biggest scandals in the state government’s history.
Joseph C. Sommer

I read all the letters on this page every day and may not always agree with one’s strong religious beliefs, but as long as they aren’t judgmental of other people (which is rare) or offensive, have at it.
Wayne Baldridge’s latest letter (April 28) was not only judgmental, but he hit the daily double with offensive remarks as well. I have to believe God was rolling his eyes and shaking his head in disbelief.
Seems Baldridge has taken to calling the president and leaders of law enforcement Hitler and Satan.
I think this guy needs to man-up and get in his car and drive to Washington, D.C., and tell these people to their faces these awful names. I want to see what happens when you call a man the devil in front of his wife and two beautiful daughters.
Where I come from, North Baltimore, them’s fightin’ words. It must be easy to call people names when you live several hundred miles away and don’t have to worry about someone laying the smackdown on you.
It is perfectly fine to disagree with policies of the president of our great country. It is altogether different to call the president and leaders of law enforcement offensive derogatory names, especially in the name of religion.
Let us know how that trip to D.C. turns out for you, Mr. Baldridge.
Gary Essinger
Palm Harbor, Fla.

The 23rd Annual Multiple Sclerosis Walk at the University of Findlay on Saturday was a huge success!
We had a record number of participants this year, according to pre-registration figures, which featured friends and family members traveling from as far as Texas to walk in Findlay in honor of their loved ones with MS.
Our ceremonial start was especially exciting. It featured “VIP/Golden Toe” MS participants who have raised milestone amounts in past years’ Walk MS events; a fantastic rendition of the national anthem performed by Liberty-Benton High School junior Kendra Martinez; and Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik cutting the ribbon at the starting line for all of our walkers to get a step closer to a cure!
If you or your business would like more information about becoming a sponsor for Walk MS 2015, please contact Karen Moore of the Ohio Buckeye Chapter of the National MS Society at www.msohiobuckeye.org. The Findlay MS Support Group meets on the second Monday of each month. Please contact us at droca1@yahoo.com if you need more information for yourself or a loved one.
Dana Roca, facilitator,
Findlay MS Support Group


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