Letters to the Editor 5-5-14


After 17 years of no meaningful change in global temperature and coming off a record-setting cold winter, we can now safely say that we have won the war on global warming.
Thankfully “global warming” will go well the way of “acid rain” and “holes in ozone layer.”
But like all wars, victory comes at significant monetary costs.
We won the war on “acid rain” by spending billions installing sulfur scrubbers on our power plants and increased electrical costs. Now acid rain is no more.
We won the war on “holes in the ozone layer” by spending billions on air conditioning, refrigeration and aerosol cans to eliminate fluorocarbons. Now the holes in the ozone layer have closed.
We won the war on global warming by spending billions on windmills, solar panels and shutting down the coal industry of our country. Now global warming has been stopped in its tracks.
We owe a debt of thanks to Al Gore, who led the battle zone global warming. Without Gore’s leadership, we may have unknowingly lost the war.
Of course, Gore may not realize the billions he stood to gain from “Generation Investment Management LLP,” his London-based carbon offset company. But he can take solace and great pride in knowing that he saved the world from the ruinous effects of global warming.
Also, his conscience will no longer be bothered by what the effects of flying in his private jet is doing to his personal carbon footprint.
The polar ice caps, forecast to be gone by now, are growing. The polar bears are thriving and the penguins are safe. Yes, indeed, we have won the war on global warming.
Soon, even the “flat-earthers” will come to that realization.
James L. Withrow

Your rights are so important. If people do not take them seriously and exercise them, they will be taken advantage of.
If you haven’t been charged with a crime and have not committed a crime, you are not bound to reveal intimate information that may be used against you in any way, especially that may wind up incriminating you.
The sad part about this is police will lie. They will tell you you’re bound by law to give your information to them anytime they speak to you.
Now I’m not writing this to be defiant to tell people not to cooperate with law enforcement.
This is a example of the rights Americans are born with. Just like police have the right to lie, that’s their right.
You have rights, too. It’s upsetting for me to see people concerned with their rights being taken away, but they don`t even know what their rights are.
On the other hand, if you exercise your rights to police, you’re treated like a criminal. Don’t get intimidated.
The sad part is that law-abiding citizens are in most cases the ones who exercise their rights. This is about our Fifth Amendment right that protects us from self incrimination. It’s time we learn our rights and exercise them.
After all, freedom of speech, is the greatest right of all.
Robert Morris

Some of the traffic problems downtown are caused by drivers that conveniently forget parts of basic traffic laws.
For instance, they see the caution light as a signal to speed up to make it through the intersection, not as a signal not to enter the intersection.
As for right turns on red, they ignore the “after stop” part of that law. How simple and inexpensive would it be to time the stop lights to 25 mph, eliminate right turn on red, and prohibit left turns to and from Main Street?
They could make a narrow median for pedestrian safety and widen the driving lanes for ease of parking and driving.
Just saying.
Don Kinn

I’ve been reading letters to the editor long enough without giving my opinion, but Stuart Schakett (letter, April 15) needs to get his head out of the sand. I’m sorry to inform him, but the laws of God overrule any man-made law.
Gays are sinners as much as murderers, robbers, adulterers, rapists and pedophiles are. I would much rather make sinners uncomfortable than make God upset with me and I’m sure Barbara Rice (letter, April 28) feels that its better to please God than those who choose to deny God or Jesus even exists.
Schakett says all these Christian holidays being celebrated are forcing religious beliefs on everyone.
But, I don’t think that means that we don’t have the right to speak out in public about our religious beliefs.
William Stock

The International Day of Prayer gathering at Living Word of God Church went very well, but could have been much better attended. This I do not understand in the city of Findlay, but as our mayor was present and pronounced this day as one that we are given to seek the face of our Lord locally and publicly en masse, I would like to remind her and the Christian community that we have not one day but 365 days a year to proclaim the goodness of our Lord and petition him for our nation.
We should be encouraged to do it all the more as “the day approaches.” This ability and freedom we’ve been given to speak, to pray, to share the Kingdom of God is definitely cause to rejoice!
Deb Peterson


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