Letters to the Editor 05-09-14

At the outset, I want to state I have no expertise in the science of flood prevention. However, I feel that likely puts me about on a par with the governmental experts who are giving opinions on this subject.
One thing we do know is that in August 2007, our community experienced a highly-destructive flood and in the seven years since, there has been no constructive action which might help solve the problem.
I believe candidate Steve Oman proposed a plan that had merit. Let me assure you, I am not a supporter of Mr. Oman. As Will Rogers once said, “I belong to no organized political party. I am a Democrat!”
We should look at the Blanchard and its tributaries through Findlay as a basin. We need to remove every impediment in that basin, including all accumulated junk, all trees that have encroached from the bank, the dam and the old reservoir barrier, and all of the accumulated silt, including islands.
I know, we have freshwater mussels. Let us carefully remove them and find them a happy new Blanchard home.
My wife and I belong to most of the conservation groups known to mortal man, up to but not including Greenpeace.
However, when comparing the rights of mussels with the rights of property, livelihood, and possible lives of people, common sense says the mussel comes in second.
Once we have increased the holding volume of the Blanchard basin through Findlay, the final step will be to continue cleansing the river until the lowest point within the city has been achieved somewhere to the west of our city.
Summing up: A. The same amount of water comes in as before. B. We have significantly increased the holding volume of the Findlay Blanchard River basin. C. The same amount of water goes downstream as before.
Since the Army Corps of Engineers seems reluctant to solve our problem, perhaps citizens should give it a try. We won’t completely solve our flooding problems, but at least make a dent in them.
Myron Cline

I always thought the people of Findlay and Hancock County were stuck up. But I was wrong.
I am a Korean vet and I have had so many people come up and say thanks for serving. It makes me feel great!
Most of the people are women. I’ve had many ladies buy my breakfast.
On April 4, I had gone to Kroger to pay my electric bill and get groceries when I tripped on the curb and smashed my face on the sidewalk.
Before I knew it, two men picked me up and a lady got me a wheelchair. Other people stopped to help an old veteran, too.
One paid my electric bill and others washed the blood from my face.
One woman offered to do my shopping and another called my sister-in-law so she could meet me at the hospital.
The men and women of Hancock County are great! I want to thank each and every one for everything they have done.
Keep up the good work of helping people!
Gerald Wade



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