Letters to the Editor 5-12-14


The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is primarily a political document, not any “definitive” statement on climate change. Though, sadly, some scientists helped write it, along with environmental activists, it is deceptive in calling severe (but not unprecedented) weather events “climate change,” and claiming certainty for an unproven scientific hypothesis when abundant evidence continues to accumulate against it.
Increasing CO2 warms the atmosphere, but much less than most climate models claim. The most important evidence is Earth stopped warming more than 17 years ago, quite a pause considering the warming period was 1975 to 1998, just 23 years, and before that earth was cooling for 35 years, all while CO2, which is needed for plant life, was rising.
The global warming apocalypse exists only in computer models that forecast world climate. None of these forecasted this 17-plus year global warming pause, and very few got the total warming since the 1990s anywhere near low enough, so they can’t predict reasonably. They get updated continuously, but still produce a wide range of forecasts, and history shows only the very coolest are anywhere close to accurate.
The NCA did not note any of this. The NCA asserted that storms, floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., are increasing. Peer-reviewed studies of each of these show exactly the opposite, either no, or falling, trends in all extreme weather disasters.
The NCA claims increasing hurricane risk. In fact, the trend over decades for land-falling hurricanes in the U.S. is down, and we are setting a record for years without a severe (Category 3 or higher) hurricane strike on American soil. But when it happens, these folks will scream climate change.
This issue is not academic. To curry favor with environmentalists and foreign leaders, the administration wants to commit to a U.N. treaty to force us to slash fossil fuel use, though the only allowed alternatives (forget nuclear) are much less reliable and/or more expensive, and send millions of our jobs and $billions of our money to Third World rulers. The NCA is just a propaganda tool to sell you on the “need” for this.
Ralph Mullinger

Republicans try to sell voter fraud as justification for more obstructive elections laws. The GOP’s arguments of defending “voter integrity,” “fairness,” and “uniformity” contradict logic. The claimed intent of these laws is to prevent fraud, but, in fact, there are almost no cases of voter impersonation.
A person is more likely to be struck by lightning than to vote by pretending to be someone else. These laws make it harder for young people, people of color, low-income people, the disabled and older Americans to vote. To the contrary, there is more evidence that such laws are designed to reduce participation by minorities, the poor and other groups that tend to vote Democrat.
Fortunately, the Ohio ACLU is suing Ohio over voting law changes. The organization, on behalf of the NAACP, the League of Women Voters, several churches with mostly black congregations, and others seeks to overturn a change in the law that eliminated the period when voters cast ballots and register the same day.
The ACLU also wants to reverse a directive from a Republican secretary of state setting uniform early voting days and hours and eliminating polling on Sundays and evenings in advance of the November general election. Thankfully, The ACLU is standing up for the rights of all Ohio voters. Voter suppression is one of many examples that show governments’ response to the needs of the wealthy rather than those of the poor and middle classes. With income inequality continuing to worsen, the problem will worsen.
A clear example of this problem was spending cuts which gutted things like Head Start, and Meals on Wheels, and opposition to Medicaid expansion. Meanwhile, the Republican Congress responded quickly to the needs of wealthy business-class travelers who faced long airport lines during Federal Aviation Administration furloughs.
It is time to stand against voter suppression laws and cast your ballot against politicians who vote to pass laws suppressing the voices of the poor and middle classes.
Don Iliff

Primary election day in Ohio this year should serve as a “wake up call” to the residents of Hancock County!
According to Jody O’Brien, director of the Hancock County Board of Elections, only 20 percent of Hancock County’s registered voters exercised their right to vote. How sad!
A sacred privilege of living in America, selecting those who may potentially become our leaders, and less than a quarter of our citizens took the time to make their preferences known?
In terms of taking seriously our right to vote, it matters not whether one is a Republican or a Democrat. Informed, concerned voters are needed on “both sides of the aisle.” What does matter is failing to stand up and be counted!
Hancock County is such a great place to live and work, thriving industry, good schools, a top notch university. The list of advantages to life here goes on and on.
Taking the time to protect these advantages by, first, becoming informed, and then by casting your precious vote, would be time well spent. Let’s plan to do much better next election!
Gillian Holzhauser-Graber

The Christian writers are not pointing fingers at individuals, but at the problematic sins of the world. It’s true we all fall short of the glory of God, but to proudly practice sin on a daily basis as if there will be no accountability is not acceptable to God.
Christians are ordained to sound the warning bells to turn away from evil practices. Resist the devil and he will depart from you. Repentance is the key to salvation. We all sin on a daily basis in thought, word and deed. We need to repent daily.
Rachel Kingery



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