Letters to the Editor 05-13-14

Having read a number of recent letters to The Courier discussing what content is appropriate for publication, I now feel inclined to share my own views on this issue.
A free and open marketplace of ideas is crucial to any community, and the Viewpoint page is an excellent platform for this exchange of ideas to take place.
Writers can freely share their opinions on various topics with one another and engage in a (sometimes) rational debate of ideas or policies.
However, some writers insist on filling their letters with hate, prejudice and attacks on the character of people with beliefs different from their own. This rambling nonsense dilutes the discussions writers have and in no way is conducive to a free and open exchange of ideas.
I’m completely against censorship of ideas, but there is a fine line between fair criticism of another person’s position and just spewing vitriol and bitterness.
Writers to The Courier too often cross this line and I am glad to see that some other writers do take the time to point out when someone really has nothing to say besides how the gays, the liberals, etc., are somehow ruining our country.
What should be a place to share well-reasoned arguments and opinions becomes something less when writers are only willing to list all the problems they see with everyone else and not engage in a critical discussion of ideas.
Feel free to say whatever you want, but don’t be surprised when your same judgmental attitude comes back around on you.
Zac Binkley

I would just like to let everyone know that hidden in plain sight on the corner of West Sandusky and South West streets, Findlay has a treasure waiting to be found.
Singing, dancing, children laughing, some drama, and stage and set management that would challenge any builder.
I’m talking about Fort Findlay Playhouse. Their production of “The Music Man” was wonderful and if you missed it, I feel sorry for you.
Do yourself a favor and get your share of this local treasure.
Their new season will start soon. I invite you to join us by being a patron of this dedicated group of people.
Jon Poland

I see The Courier (Viewpoint, May 9) is using the old thumbs down chastisement for us diabolical non-voters.
Yippy, skippy, who really cares? As I have said before, what’s to vote for except for taxes and Republicans?
I did get a hoot out of some recent Readers’ View letters:
“Your Republican is dirty, rotten, lousy.” “Yeah, well your Republican is lousy, rotten, and dirtier.”
Then you had Mr. and Mrs. Wasp Gotracks telling folks you simply must vote for this tax because it is not a new one. It is the same tax you dummies have been paying for years!
Just think folks, November is just around the corner!
Jim Brant


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