Letters to the Editor 5-31-14


When it comes to parades that take place in the heat, the directors and parent volunteers of the Findlay Trojan Marching Band take precautions to be sure our kids/students are taken care of so that no student, if at all possible, passes out and incurs a head injury, back injury, broken bones, broken glasses, broken instrument, etc.
Spraying band members with water to keep them cool may seem like it was “overkill” to some (letter, May 28), but when these students are in the care of their directors and parent volunteers, their job is to take the best care of them as possible. To not do so would be irresponsible.
Due to the fact that these marchers are minors, they do not always make the best choices before a parade, such as being sure to eat breakfast to avoid a plummeting blood sugar level, drinking something before setting out on a march in the heat with an instrument, not staying up all night the night before, etc.
And, there are students in the band who do have physical health conditions that are not visible to the eye of an observer, but they must be looked after as they march.
The reasons for the care of our kids are varied and many, but no one should fault anyone for looking after their safety and well-being. Despite the best efforts of all involved to look after them, there are at times one or two who will succumb to the heat.
The weather on Monday was hot and humid even if you were just sitting still, let alone marching on pavement 10-15 degrees hotter carrying and playing an instrument. The parade wasn’t a competition to see who could stick it out without water.
These kids and directors and parent volunteers are a wonderful group who were there to pay homage to Memorial Day, and all that it means. That is what should be written about again and again, not nitpicking over the practices of a high school group and their efforts.
Tammie Mattis

Wow! Megan Miller’s guest column (page A4, May 24) was absolutely wonderful!
I’m certain that there is not an individual in this country who has to tell Miller anything about what freedom really means or what it took to receive those freedoms.
I read the entire letter that Megan wrote and every paragraph was just brilliant.
She talked about giving your life for your country and asked how people will remember those who fought for our freedoms on Memorial Day. Most of us have no idea how much our troops have sacrificed for our country.
Those soldiers on their way to Omaha Beach in June 1944 had no idea whatsoever how horrible combat would be and no idea of the horror yet to come.
She talked about many of the freedoms we enjoy but don’t think much about. She wrote that most of us do not appreciate many of the freedoms we are given each day. She mentions beliefs, and the right to believe anything you want. The freedom to vote, the freedom to travel.
The very last paragraph was phenomenal. She states: “I ask of all people that we pray and respect all of the men, women and their families, not just on Memorial Day, but every day because they are the reason we are here today, and every day.”
What a super letter. Great job.
Mark Howard


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