Letters to the Editor 6-5-14

While America’s politicians, lawyers, judges, courts and supporting staffs, along with a multitude of activists, protesters, counter-demonstrators and an army of media trolls tirelessly battle over cows, desert tortoises, gender-neutral restrooms, magazine capacity, the definition of marriage, crosses, even wedding cakes, the value of our dollar continues to fall. Meanwhile, our diplomats are murdered, health care is in disarray, wages stink, care for our veterans is lacking and being cut, China continues to buy up our country, and “Comrade” Putin goes about gathering pieces of the old USSR like Easter eggs.
In 2005, with $48 million in federal funding, newly elected Sen. Obama, with Republican Sen. Dick Lugar, pushed a bill persuading Ukraine to scrap 15,000 tons of ammunition, 400,000 tons of small arms, and 1,000 tons of anti aircraft missiles, to “stabilize” the area, leaving it vulnerable, but with our blessing and assurances.
In 2009, our new president, flush with success from his election and Nobel Peace Prize, flamboyantly and symbolically scrapped the Eastern European Missile Defense project as a gesture of goodwill to Russian President Vladimir Putin.
In 2010, he virtually abandoned our space program, leaving our astronauts hitchhikers, dependent on Russia for rides to the space station.Now, surprise, surprise, the Russian Army, sans military insignia, strolls into unprotected neighboring countries and occupies them with impunity.
Gutting our military instead of working to maintain a strong national defense, our paranoid government seems obsessed with arming itself against its own citizens, supplying even local police departments with battlefield weapons and armament, citing domestic terrorist concerns.
We now have to go online to the news media like Der Spiegel or BBC News to get accurate coverage of current events. Wake up, America!
David P. Heimrick



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