Letters to the Editor 6-6-14

June 3 was a long day for many people. For some it began before 2 a.m. and did not end until 3 a.m. June 4.
But there was not a word of negativity nor selfish whining among those who worked tirelessly to make this special day happen for those participating in the 2014 Flag City Honor Flight.
My dad, John T. Metzger, Navy, WWII, was on this Honor Flight with his grandson, Jake Metzger, serving as his guardian for the day.
The trip to our nation’s capital and the many memorials they saw there have given them a bond of memories that will last forever.
Honor, respect, selfless service, patriotism were among many of the emotional reactions of those surrounding our veterans on this trip.
This experience made possible by the many volunteers who were cleaning up the Grand Aire Terminal late into the wee hours of the morning following a “welcome home” extravaganza well organized to make each veteran a hero again.
A huge thank you to those volunteers for making this as easy as possible for our veterans to experience, even though not so easy for those who diligently toiled behind the scenes.
A long day, yes. But for those who served many long years to ensure freedom for many generations to follow, it was a great day!
Plans and fundraising are already underway for next year’s Flag City Honor Flight.
Please consider supporting this organization so this excellent “long day” for our veterans and their families can continue.
Lela Metzger Doty

There have been numerous federal lawsuits that have upheld the First Amendment rights of inmates incarcerated in county jails to have access to newspapers.
But recently, while I was incarcerated in the Hancock County Justice Center, I was denied that right.
I think it would be in our sheriff’s best interest, in avoiding a potential federal lawsuit, to adopt a policy for the inmates at the jail to have reasonable access to newspapers.
I doubt the sheriff could prove the current extreme restrictions on newspapers are necessary for the “safety and security” in his jail.
Someday, someone may decide to file an action against the sheriff and the county for violating their First Amendment rights and then the taxpayers of Hancock County will be the ones paying the price of litigation.
Mike Thomas North Central Corrections Complex

I have not had a very high opinion of the Republican National Committee for a long time.
They, along with the Democrats, are trying to destroy true conservatism.
I didn’t realize how much until I read the following from “True the Vote.” And I quote:
“In the aftermath of the 2012 election there has been some concern bubbling up around the web about a ‘1982 consent decree’ entered into by the RNC and the DNC, effectively barring the RNC from ‘engaging’ and assisting in voter fraud prevention unless the RNC obtains the court’s approval in advance.” No, you are not dreaming.
After the initial agreement, the RNC tried multiple attempts to get out of the deal, amid new evidence of fraudulent voting activities and new law.
Each time, however, the federal courts denied the request and ceded little room for adjusting the agreement. Though this agreement only applies to national parties, it effectively squashes any attempt at a coordinate effort for election integrity.
As it stands today,
• The RNC may only be sued by the DNC for enforcement issues.
• Any activity to fight voter fraud must be submitted to the courts for a 10-day preclearance process (think Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act)
• Voter fraud prevention or “ballot security” is defined as “any program aimed at combating voter fraud by preventing potential voters from registering to vote or casting a ballot.”
• Poll watching is defined as “stationing individuals at polling stations to observe the voting process and report irregularities unrelated to voter fraud to duly appointed state officials.”
• The decree expires Dec. 1, 2017, with detailed caveats.
There are two more paragraphs. All I can suggest is that people look this up and read it themselves.
I find it difficult to believe that supposedly educated people who represent the Republican Party could agree to something that stupid.
Has this information ever been on or in the news? If yes, I missed it. If no, why not?
Barbara J. Rice

Dave Malone’s letter (June 3) is the same old tired preaching to the choir.
Obama did this. Obama did that. Obama made the IRS pick on those poor tea party groups.
Obama gave free guns and lollypops to the drug lords. Obama’s stimulus cost $17 trillion and didn’t help one person.
Obama and Hillary made John Boehner start his ninth Benghazi committee investigation.
Obamacare cost umpteen million jobs. Now Obama is getting into Dave’s pocketbook.
We know all this to be true because the Dave Malones, the Brian Smiths and Fox News tell us over and over and over and over.
Jim Brant

Rochelle Dunlap (letter, June 4) says, “When a person dies and goes to answer to God, he or she is only going to be talking to God about what he or she needs to make right.”
Rochelle, once you go to answer to God, it is too late to make things right. I’ll pray that you attain a better understanding of God’s word.
Nate Lotze, Environment Ohio field organizer (letter, June 4), if you visit West Virginia or Southeastern Ohio in the near future, please do not wear your Environment Ohio T-shirt.
David Malone


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