Letters to the Editor 6-7-14

It was quite a show at the White House. There were hugs, kisses, and big toothy grins all around when the parents of Bowe Bergdahl made their appearance.
These same proud parents who beamed as though their son were being awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor are the same ones who tweeted that democracy was simply a cult of the Western world and that at least Afghanistan had Sharia Law.
The same parents who said they were proud that their son went off to “help” the Afghan people, and professed their goal to see to it that all of Gitmo’s prisoners were released.
The same parents of the son who declared that he was ashamed to be an American and presumably simply walked away from his post.
But we are not to judge from all this evidence. Even though his fellow soldiers were well aware of his desertion. Even though his e-mails clearly outlined his plan.
After all, it was a big day for the Bergdahl family.
Mr. Bergdahl had the opportunity to sport his beard, grown in honor of his son’s decision, and to praise the administration in Pashto, with the excuse that his Idaho-born son could no longer comprehend English.
We are not to prejudge, even though Susan Rice has already determined that Bergdahl “served with honor.”
It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what part of the world this ceremony was meant to impress, or why, or whether or not Bowe will be tried for treason. He has connections.
The question is, will the parents of all those soldiers who stood their ground and gave up their health or their lives for their country be awarded the same honors, hugs, and kisses, or will they have to learn Pashto first?
These are truly sad and disturbing times and unfortunately our elected officials are either too dumbstruck or intimidated to do anything about it. The sound you may have heard lately is 200 plus years of patriots rolling over in their graves.
Lenna Gonya

In response to Jo Hollingsworth (letter, May 28), there are people and other countries who love to hear anything negative about Israel.
There are stories of injustice in other countries, too.
I’m sure Israel is not out to persecute Christians living there.
We don’t always agree with what our government does either.
Hollingsworth quoted Daoud Nassar: “We don’t want to be enemies” of Israel.
I am grateful our country, the United States, gives Israel more than $3 billion a year for military support.
How many countries misuse the monetary aid that America gives to them?
Where is Nassar’s land located? Where 1,500 fruit trees were destroyed by the Israeli defense forces?
Remember, Israel is on alert 24/7 because so many of her enemies want to wipe her off the map!
I’d like to hear Israel’s statement about this event before we even think about discontinuing aid to her, because of it.
It is also biblically wise for individuals and countries to “bless” and not “curse” Israel.
Connie Gatchell

In regards Rochelle Dunlap (letter, June 4), there are so many misconceptions about our God, and that is why Christians are speaking out.
The here and now is our only chance to please or displease our God.
Our nation and the world has failed to educate their children on behalf of God and what God requires of us.
But, because God has instilled a conscience in each of us to know the difference between right and wrong, he doesn’t give us any excuses to do that which is wrong.
Dunlap can’t rectify her sins after death. During life is the only chance we have to reform or to repent of our sins and to accept Jesus Christ’s death on the cross for our salvation. Making things right with God has to be done now, in this life, because after death will be too late.
If we Christians had no love or concern for our fellow mankind, we would remain silent and let everyone meet their own fate. But then that would make us not a Christian.
Rachel Kingery


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