Letters to the Editor 6-10-14

I looked up the websites Barb Rice recommended (letter, May 29). The websites are right wing- and tea party-biased websites lacking credibility. The following website tutorial and exercises will help you evaluate the credibility of website information: http://www.widener.edu/.
News21 investigated Republican National Lawyers Association fraud cases in RNLA’s database and found only 77 were alleged fraud by voters and convictions or guilty pleas in only 33 cases. The database showed 10 cases of voter-impersonation fraud. Each of those 10 cases represents one out of approximately 15 million prospective voters. The RNLA pushing for polling place photo ID restrictions offers no evidence of fraud that may be deterred by polling place photo ID restrictions.
“Voter Fraud: An Existential Threat,” published by WorldNetDaily, is a website that publishes news and associated content from the perspective of U.S. conservatives and the political right wing founded by Joseph Farah. HBO’s “The Newsroom” recently showed a TV episode which portrayed WorldNetDaily as publishing a made-up story. “The Newsroom” was found correct in depicting WND as spreading false and misleading information and making stuff up.
Colorado Common Cause sent letters to Secretary of State Gessler and U.S. Attorney Walsh showing True the Vote’s (a Texas tea party group) Colorado training materials provide incorrect and misleading guidance about Colorado law and voting procedures. The letter stated that poll watchers relying on erroneous “training” in True the Vote’s poll watcher manual pose a grave threat. True the Vote promotes an unlawful environment of confusion, hostility and intimidation.
Disallowing students to vote on campus is another form of voter suppression. Students registered to vote in the state where the campus is located should be able to vote. Republicans are passing laws restricting registration efforts, early voting, poll locations, and ballot-box access in many other ways.
With voter fraud exposed as a myth, why does the right wing and Ms. Rice prefer to make it harder for students, minorities and the less fortunate to vote when and where they wish?
How is this making the right to vote better?
Don Iliff

Another Flag Day will soon be commemorated in a few days. What makes this Flag Day particularly unique is that this celebration marks the 40th anniversary of Findlay being declared “Flag City, USA.”
Findlay has a great opportunity to display its patriotism and distinguish itself from other so-called “Flag City” imitators. I suggest planting a huge, beautiful representation of Old Glory with flowers. This floral flag should be of such splendor that the residents of Findlay will feel a sense of pride as they pass by.
This floral exposition should be planted on a major street for all to see. One prospective location is just north of the Main Street Bridge. Historically, one could view the big neon flag nightly from this bridge.
If the river mitigation gods frown on this site, an alternative location could be the half circle in front of Springbrook Drive.
Fred Laube


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