Letters to the Editor 6-11-14


The big annual fundraiser for The Arts Partnership, “BOOGIE! On Main Street” has come and gone again.
It is billed as a family outing with entertainment, food venders and plenty of beer available. What really bothers me is the alcohol at a family-oriented outing that is open to all ages, even children in strollers.
Why does alcohol always seem so necessary at these gatherings? Is that the only way to raise money?
I was disabled by the actions of a drunk driver. He caused the collision.
Now, after years of pain and suffering, all I have to look forward to is more pain and suffering.
All this just because he had to drink and drive. Of course, he did not have the funds to pay for the damage he had caused as all of his investments were in the alcohol he had consumed. Of course, he was not injured in the accident.
We must be better examples for the younger generations and stop this carnage on the highways.
Stop and think what it is like to suffer years on end just because someone never learned that gasoline and alcohol do not mix and did not have the brains to not drink and drive.
We must stop glorifying booze to the youngsters. You or your children could be the next victims!
David Graydon Mount Cory

After seeing the pictures of the open carry march on the first page of the June 9 edition of The Courier, I felt compelled to comment on the poor taste shown by the marcher sporting the “warning shots” T-shirt.
The on-going conflict surrounding gun rights is a public relations battle at its core and whoever can win popular opinion will hold the key to future legislation. The anti-rights groups understand this and will jump at the chance to use displays of ridiculous and tasteless slogans like this as an example of what “dangerous rubes” gun owners are.
I wholeheartedly support the right to bear arms, whether openly or concealed, but, if you feel the need to hold a demonstration of this sort, please try to dress and conduct yourself in a positive fashion. Pictures like this on the front page don’t help the gun rights cause.
Bill Phillips McComb

Today (June 3) I had the honor to be traveling with a group
Of veterans of our country’s fiercest wars.
A group who risked their very lives, freedom to preserve
Across the oceans on those distant shores.

Treated with more dignity than I had ever known
With kindly words and smiles at every turn,
Greeting us with handshakes, they called us heroes true,
A title that I’m sure I never earned.

But more than this they gave us love, all that our hearts could hold.
They showered us with food and gifts galore.
Appreciation, admiration, honor too, they showed,
All this they did for us,and so much more.

And so with humble gratitude I pen these heartfelt lines
To every one of you who had a part,
For memories that I will cherish to my dying day
This thank you from a grateful heart.
Dillon W. Staas Jr. Lima

Don Iliff (letter, June 10) used the word “harder” in reference to me and the right wing and tea party wanting those poor little students, minorities, and less fortunate to use picture IDs, to register to vote before election day, etc.
All of this makes it harder for them to vote? I don’t think so.
If they complain about showing a picture of themselves at the polls, well shucks! It just sounds like a bunch of whiners to me, instead of people who are willing to vote responsibly.
Winston Churchill said, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”
This “great” liberal road we are currently traveling is the road to socialism.
Give everyone what they want! Forget working for your bread and butter. Just tell the government that you will only be satisfied with more freebies.
So, “What we gonna do when the creek runs dry? We’ll sit on the bank and watch the crawdads die” … another quote from an old song.
Barbara J. Rice Fostoria


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