Letters to the Editor 06-13-14

Barb Rice (letter, June 11) is making things up when she wrote I used the word “harder” in reference to her and the right wing and tea party wanting students, minorities, and less fortunate to use picture IDs to register to vote before election day.
In my opinion, making things up and disrespecting who Rice calls “poor little students, minorities and the less fortunate” isn’t Christ-like.
What I emphasized in my letter was a lack of evidence of voter fraud. I wrote that students registered to vote in the state where the campus is located should be able to vote.
Republicans are passing laws restricting registration efforts, early voting, poll locations, and ballot-box access.
Rice neglected to address my assertion that the websites she cited lacked credibility. Instead she defends herself by belittling students, minorities and others who are less fortunate. She throws words out like “socialism” in attempts to win arguments. Since when is making it easier to vote, socialism?
I believe Rice may be promoting fascism — giving full interest in economic, social, and military power to a dominant race or state led by dominant leaders.
For example, Republican legislators made a law removing the first week of Ohio’s 35-day early-voting period, which was also the only week that permitted same-day registration.
Days later, Ohio’s secretary of state further cut back on early voting, eliminating voting during evening hours, on Sundays, and on the Monday before Election Day.
That’s voter suppression and fascism at its best.
Don Iliff

I’m so glad Dillon Staas (Readers’ Views, June 11) got the recognition and the honor he and so many others deserved.
My own father died before the Honor Flight began, but did send his picture to “see” his memorial in 2010. The greatest generation is leaving us and sadly most today just don’t give a thought to the ones that gave it all for our freedom.
I thank you, Dillon, and all the rest.
Toni Geren
rural Findlay

I live on National Court where most everyone takes pride in how their property looks.
Having said that, I will tell a very short history for the reason I’m writing. A bank took over a property at 416 National Court last summer and has not touched it since.
I mowed it three or four times last year but will not this year and the bank hasn’t either.
I contacted NEAT and they say they have sent a certified letter, but it takes time. I understand that the wheels turn slowly when government is involved. My point is, why are they (the owners) allowed to get away with not caring at all?
I know this sounds like spilled beans, but it is frustrating to care about your neighborhood’s appearance. NEAT says there are many such homes in town in the same condition. It’s too bad there isn’t some faster solution.
Robert Cook

Kudos to Fred Laube (letter, June 10). His ideas to show patriotism and love for the flag are right on.
There is another way to show your love for the flag that he didn’t mention.
On Saturday, which is Flag Day, the Findlay Elks are holding a reverent ceremony for our flag. It is in Dorney Plaza at 1 p.m. and will tell the story of how the flag was created as well as a history of all the various flags this country has flown.
There will be patriotic music and a stirring tribute to all those who fought to defend the flag.
There won’t be a floral flag like Mr. Laube suggested, but you will go home with an increased love of your country.
Jeff Jenson



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