Letters to the Editor 6-30-14

Letters from camp
EDITOR’S NOTE: Below are letters to the editor that were submitted by area Boy Scouts as part of their summer camp activities.

Personally, I wouldn’t approve President Obama sending the 300 military advisers to Iraq. The Iraqis should be able to take care of themselves.
We had troops over there for around 10 years helping them out. The second we packed up and pulled out, their enemies came right back in and started fighting again.
We helped them, but, if they can’t defend their own land and have to rely on foreign countries to help them, then they have a problem.
Other countries are sending troops and those troops are dying to help them when they can’t do anything to help themselves.
I don’t approve of the action because the Iraqis’ enemy could start fighting us, too. We would be getting involved in something that’s not our business and we could be tossed into the second war in the Middle East, plus our people would be dying for a country that can’t defend itself.
We would be throwing away lives.
If Iraq can’t defend itself, then it might be time for a new era of a sort for Iraq, a new Iraqi government.
In a way, this is like Vietnam. We sent people over to die and the south ends up being conquered once we pull out. We don’t want that again.
Cameron Hingson

I believe that the USA should help the Iraqi government. I believe we should intervene and help the Iraqi government stop the terrorist attacks on soldiers.
The Iraqi government has asked the USA if we will bring in our air force and air strikes on terrorist groups.
President Barack Obama has asked Congress for help on this situation. So far, nothing has been done to help the Iraqi government, but there is big talk in Congress about it.
I agree with President Obama that we need to get in there and help. I also believe that peace is very important in Iraq.
That’s why I believe we, as Americans, should help the Iraqi government defeat al-Qaida because, if al-Qaida succeeds in Iraq, I believe that they will be a greater threat to America and the rest of the world.
Jacob Brown
Thank you for the update on the new motorcycle coming out soon.
I hope to see new products coming out in your paper all the time. I liked the visual aid you put in there, too.
I hope to read stuff like that all the time.
Chayton Newman

I think that hemp seeds should have been confiscated because pot is stupid. It has been illegal for a long time.
Medically, it just doesn’t make sense. I get it that it relieves pain and stress, but there are medications that can already do that.
As someone who sees so much of it in our town, it just doesn’t make sense (to legalize it). The benefits aren’t worth it.
Damon Dotson
North Baltimore

I think a 12-cent gas tax increase is a bad idea.
There are people who can’t afford to buy gas now. How are lower-class people going to get around if they need to get somewhere far?
But, on the other hand, they are extending federal tax breaks. So, it would eventually end up saving some people money because of the tax breaks. I am not for a tax raise.
Aiden Gore
North Baltimore

The funniest comics are very good. Whenever I get a newspaper, the first thing I do is go straight to the back of the newspaper and read the comics.
They always have been my favorite part of the newspaper. My favorite comic is always “Peanuts.” Keep up the good work.
Noah Pelton
North Baltimore

I am writing you to say that I am liking the sports column that talks about the coaches and what they say after the games.
I like to know what the coaches think after a game. I think you should continue to write about this stuff and I look forward to reading more.
Kevin Schrupp
Waterford, Michigan

I believe that the comics page should be changed.
I believe that the comics are uninteresting for kids and only include adult humor.
Although adults may enjoy this, a 12-year-old believes they are stupid. I don’t know how many middle-aged adults would get those jokes.
My solution is to either fill that page with puzzles or multi-age comics. One last solution is to add articles to that page.
Ethan Gutierrez
White Lake, Michigan

I think, in the sports section, you did a good job in the Indians’ win in grand fashion because I liked it because the title is in big, bold letters and I also liked how it went back to before the game.
I also like how you tell us about the bad stuff that happened during the game.
I like how you got quotes from the players. I also think that the picture is a good picture.
Altogether, I think that it was a very good article. Keep up the good work.
Logan Thompson
Waterford, Michigan

Can you put an article (in the newspaper) called, “Bug spray, the ozone layer is being destroyed,” because it reaches the United States? Every other country would go bankrupt.
So, tell scientists to make a new bug repellent that won’t destroy the ozone layer. I don’t want to freeze or boil to death. So, do something about it, please.
“¦Okay, you’re going to boil in 100 years, okay, so you better, and I mean better, do something about it, okay, unless you want the whole world to die”¦
Jackson Norman Harned
Waterford, Michigan

I want more information about the crisis in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria.
Examples of this would be a paragraph of who holds what in terms of territory or a chart of up-to-date casualties or a funny political cartoon on the stories.
More cartoons would also be nice.
Andrew Cain

I dislike Obama’s choice of sending people back into a war that we’re trying to end.
All that his war has ever done is waste money and kill people.
Then, in Iraq, there are rebellious acts of hatred to conquer the country and take leadership.
My uncles and cousins are either there serving or back home in basic training.
Cody Gerdeman
North Baltimore

I dislike that Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was not charged for the illegal fundraising of conservative groups.
The courts should at least have to reveal the scheme documents to the public.
A decision should be based on the current laws of Wisconsin, since right now both sides are arguing.
There needs to be some form of punishment for Walker, and his staff.
Election fraud should not be tolerated.
Kyle Gerdeman
North Baltimore

I like that the court overturned the Los Angeles ban on living in parked vehicles.
I think the ban was completely unfair and unjust. I believe the people should be able to live whereever they can.
Some people can’t afford houses or apartments and such.
To me, it is discrimination against the homeless and poor.
The fact that the four people were arrested without actual proof of them committing a crime is ridiculous.
I do know that some people could take advantage of living in their vehicles so they don’t have to pay some taxes and things like that. Overall, I do believe that overturning the ban is a very good, fair, and just decision, and I hope that something that stupid does not happen again.
Tyler Stimmel
North Baltimore

Recently, I read an article in The Courier about the tests proposed for football helmets.
I like how the reporter researched the different effects a concussion can have on the brain and the skull of the player. Most of the research that was included helped me understand the fatal effects of a concussion.
I appreciate the effort the reporter put into the report.
Keep up the good work.
William Trout
North Baltimore

I feel that Obama sending troops into Iraq is bad.
First of all, why don’t other countries send troops? If they don’t, we shouldn’t.
Second of all, we are sending units into Iraq where they will come close to dying.
Brian Roberts

I think more comic strips should be added to the newspaper. I also think they need to be funnier.
Every once in a while, there will be a funny comic in the newspaper, but it is a rarity.
Whenever I read the comics in the newspaper, I have noticed that so many of the comics don’t even make sense. I think that more comics should be added where the Sudoku puzzles are, but only if the comics aren’t funny.
Noah Hetrick
North Baltimore



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