Letters to the Editor 07-03-14

I am writing to the citizens of Hancock County about the state of emergency that exists in our country today.
We now have a presidency that is totally corrupt. The IRS and the Justice Department, aided by Harry Reid, is facilitating this corruption.
It has been reported that in the upcoming election in November, the Republicans will win the House and the Senate. I believe that President Obama, Eric Holder, Reid and their minions will not let this happen.
The election, I believe, will be filled with corruption at the voting booths because the powers that be know if they lose there may be criminal prosecution coming their way.
America today is out of control. We are being invaded from the south. The economy is fragile at best and the Middle East will probably soon be at total war.
If we, as a country, do not consider the things mentioned above and only consider the fact that Americans and American corporations pay almost 50 percent in state, local and federal taxes, and crushing regulations on just about everything would take the tax burden to at least 50 percent.
Our founding fathers took up arms to gain freedom and forfeited their health, wealth and sometimes their lives for far less than is happening in America today. The time is now to act!
I propose that we find at least 500 persons or businesses to stop paying federal income tax and put the money in escrow until this government starts enforcing the laws of our country. The discredited IRS will probably come after some of the persons or businesses, but the tax money put in escrow could be used to help when needed.
Bob Geiyer

After reading “Dear Abby” in Monday’s edition of The Courier, I had no idea of the proclamation that President Kennedy declared in 1963 of ringing bells on the Fourth of July. But I like it!
Her reader asks all citizens around the country, at exactly 2 p.m. Friday, to ring anything you can. It could be a dinner bell, shaking your keys, tapping a glass, a ringtone on your phone, a ringer on your bike, church bells …
Just do it! Show your American spirit of unity and gratitude for our freedoms and the blessings we have enjoyed and sometimes take for granted.
As Abby quotes, “Quietly reflect, then make a joyful noise this Fourth of July.”
Sue Rehm

I read, with great interest, the (letter, July 1) that Don Iliff wrote in regard to “a faulty comparison” about comparing the gun control in the U.S. and Britain by a Mr. Klingler (letter, June 24).
I feel that Mr. Iliff raised some good points, but, in the end, he came up with the wrong conclusion, totally.
He stated, “Guns are a major cause of what’s killing and disabling America’s children and juveniles.” I disagree with that statement due to the fact that a gun never hurt anyone. Any injuries where a gun is involved are caused by people, not guns.
I have been to places where thousands of guns are on display and feel perfectly safe knowing that these objects are in and of themselves incapable of hurting anyone. Only when you add the people element do you start to have problems.
The biggest killer in our country is the drivers of motor vehicles. Not a single day passes without many terrible accidents on the highways causing many to die or to be disfigured for life.
Well, I have the answer to that. Just like those that want to ban guns say “just ban them,” I say just ban the motor vehicles as they are such gruesome killers. Or are they really? I have seen millions of motor vehicles in my day and noticed that they all have to have a human operator to move, barring a few exceptions, to be 100 percent correct.
So, just as it is with guns or with vehicles, it takes the human element to make them dangerous or beneficial. In and of themselves they are our servants to be used for good or evil.
If we would, or could, ever just get this human element straightened out, we would all have much less to worry about.
David B. Graydon
Mount Cory

If I remember right, when you apply for a job, there is a form you must read and sign if you agree to honor the company’s rules and regulations. If you agree to abide by those rules, fine. If you do not agree, you could leave and find a place more to your liking.
Why is it that after we are hired, we want the company to change their rules for our benefit? That is like people from other countries coming to the United States, and then wanting our country to change to satisfy them. Neither situation makes much sense.
I am glad the U.S. Supreme Court took a stand and voted to respect the wishes of our religious rights, especially about something so easily obtained as contraceptives. If you are on Medicaid, they will cost you nothing, and you can still get them other places if you are determined to have them, and the cost is free or very small.
For anyone to say, like the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said (in July 1 Courier), “the decision creates health risks for women,” I would really like to see a list of those risks.
He continued to say “that Congress should take action to make sure they get coverage. President Obama believes that women should make personal health care decisions for themselves, rather than their bosses deciding for them.”
Then Mr. Earnest made the ridiculous statement which proved beyond doubt that he is nothing more than a mouthpiece for our president and doesn’t want to be fired. He said, “Today’s decision jeopardizes the health of the women who are employed by these companies.”
Jeopardizes their health? In what way?
And who agrees with him? Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, who enjoys income from taxpayers plus makes oodles of money from the abortions they perform.
If it was only about contraceptives, but it isn’t. It’s about controlling what a private citizen or company can or cannot do, especially if that company is based on Christian values.
Barbara J. Rice


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