Letters to the Editor 07-08-14

In response to David Graydon (letter, July 3), it isn’t about comparing automobiles or banning firearms — it’s about regulating firearms.
Because gun advocates believe cars are such a lethal killing machine, they should have the constitutional right to protect themselves with cars rather than firearms.
Can anyone imagine the death toll by cars and trucks if the automotive industry and driving a car or truck were unregulated without registration and insurance?
People don’t kill people — people with guns kill people. Firearms need to be regulated like automobiles, including safety, registration and licensing drivers. Guns are specifically made to kill — cars are made for transportation. Comparing guns with cars can be a form of denial, like an alcoholic saying, “I don’t have a problem because I’ve only had five DUIs and I know alcoholics who have 10 DUIs.”
Or, “ball bats don’t hit home runs, ballplayers hit home runs.” I’d like see a ballplayer hit a home run without a bat.
I find it hard to imagine gun advocates believing it is more important to have firearms with little regulation while firearms murder 9,000 men, women and children each year. Another 9,000 men, women and children commit suicide by firearms. Statistics show that states that have stricter gun laws have fewer murders by guns than states having lax gun laws.
Canadian Bill C-17, implemented in 1991, restricted the use of firearms, providing a chance to investigate the effect of firearm control laws in the use of firearms by suicide and homicide. A study examined the use of firearms for suicide and homicide during the period prior to the bill and during the period after the passing of Bill C-17 to consider the link of the bill with rates of suicide and homicide.
Analysis showed a significant decrease after passage of Bill C-17 in rates of suicides and homicides involving firearms and percentage of suicides using firearms. The analysis supports restricting availability of firearms. Ninety percent of Americans favor background checks. Regulations need to tighten and make clear who can buy guns and how they can be bought.
Don Iliff

Pot only leads to proven cases of narcissism, delusions of grandeur, and obsessive-compulsive behavior.
I have worked near people who use marijuana. Under the influence of dope, they are a hazard to me and to themselves. It is addictive, or they could control it.
I don’t want these idiots around me. I prefer intelligent people.
Burl Greer

Thank you for one of the best Fourth of July parades I’ve seen in a long time. It was great to see so many people honoring our country, and a great start for the holiday!
Mary Johnson


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