Letters to the Editor 07-09-14

My husband and I are residents of Liberty Township and have been homeowners/residents since 1972. We have always voted for school levies, up to the last levy that was placed on the ballot. Liberty-Benton has had the last three levies fail when presented on the ballot to voters. We felt there was very little information provided to the voters in the district concerning the levy.
We are extremely disappointed that the board has not hired an outside consultant.
Should the district have the old 1920 elementary school torn down and replace it with a new elementary school building? Or should it have the 1920 building demolished and add on to the middle school for both the elementary and middle school to be housed in one building?
Or should the district build up the present middle school, making a two- to three-story building. Or should the district purchase more ground where the present high school is located, then add a new school which would house the elementary and middle school students?
Which plan would cost the least amount of money and still accomplish a good education for the students?
We do believe that something definitely needs to be done for the elementary school and the temporary classrooms attached to the middle school that are now 20-some years old.
We are for good education and want to provide good education to the children. However, we do believe the school board has not completed its due diligence and is not being prudent with the taxpayer funds by not completing a comprehensive comparison plan for all residents to review.
We believe the school board has a responsibility to the voters to provide a cost comparison for each scenario.
Is building another new school building the best option? We do not know, as there is no information provided to show us that it is the best for everyone, the students, the teachers, and the voters.
Jim and Phyllis Barger

Ever wonder why our two major political parties are so much alike yet divide us as to which party has the best plan? And why the choice of presidential candidates has you voting for the “lesser of two evils?”
Do you question why the often-called “Main Street media” barely reports on anything newsworthy? You either hear of major events on talk radio, Facebook, Twitter, or word of mouth.
Even then you can’t help wondering what isn’t being reported.
Have you ever wondered why, regardless of who is in power, things never seem to get better for people and the downward spiral of America continues?
If you’re yearning for answers to these and many other questions, you might be interested in reading “The Shadows of Power, The Council on Foreign Relations and The American Decline,” by James Perloff. I was lucky enough to stumble upon it and read it recently.
You can reserve it at the Findlay Public Library or purchase it from the Christian Book Store in Findlay, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or even eBay.
Though it was written 25-plus years ago, it explains what’s going on currently and is a quick read. This timeless book is a real eye-opener and should be required reading.
You can learn of future political events by reading what the Council On Foreign Relations writes about today. If your library does not have this book on its shelves, please ask that it get a copy or two for the public to read.
Prominent Democrats, Republicans, bankers, businessmen, and members of the media belong to this elite group who dictate foreign policy and are globalists, who weild power and control over us and the presidency.
At the end of the book is an updated list of the members of this elite group. The book explains how this council, the U.N., and the Federal Reserve (which is a private bank and has no connection to the government) came into existence and their cozy relationship with each other and the federal government.
Linda Bishop
rural Findlay

People keep bringing up gun control.
Well, a gun does not aim and shoot without a human. A car does not run stop signs or red lights without a human at the wheel.
A few bottles of beer don’t force themselves into humans to make them drunk. A knife does not cut food or people without a human holding it.
The nuclear bomb did not make itself, a human made it. Wars don’t create themselves, humans create them. Laws don’t create themselves. Humans create them.
People complain about Congress and threaten to throw the bums out. Yet the same humans who complain keep voting these bums back in.
Also, guns, bombs, grenades, ammunition, poisons, drugs, cigarettes, human suffering, rapes, child abuse, spousal abuse … well, you get the idea, are all caused by humans.
You can have all the laws and regulations in the world but it will not fix the human factor. Yes, humans do some good, but until the human race gets its act together nothing will change.
You can pray to the different religious gods but it’s the humans doing the praying, also. By the way, if you know anything about history, these things have been going on for as long as humans have been on this earth.
Imagine that.
Carroll Lanning


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