Letter to the Editor 7-14-14

What was the rationale to position the LeBron James story on both front pages of Section A and Sports on Saturday?
It appeared that The Courier exhibited journalistic overkill. The edition of the newspaper featured the return of the King, LeBron James, to Cleveland. The entire front page of Section A, above the fold, was all LeBron.
When you went to the Sports section it was King James repeated, covering the entire front page.
One would have expected the hoopla in the Sports section. I got that. But let’s revisit Section A where below the fold we found the feature entitled Saturday Special. The story in this section was about minor league baseball players suing for low wages.
Strange location indeed for this when you had to go to A-10 to find any coverage of the Israeli offensive, U.S. border security, or Benghazi.
Perhaps the person in charge of story placement was overwhelmed by the hype of the return of King James. But I maintain that he or she should be called for a double dribble.
However, if you are a fan of the NBA you will probably conclude that that call will not be made.
Mike Pirschel


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