Letter to the Editor 07-15-14

I have to agree with Deborah Peterson (letter, July 5) that Cedar Creek Church is a “seeker-friendly church.”
Last year, I was seeking something better and I found it at Cedar Creek, and they couldn’t have been more friendly and welcoming. She is correct in saying it is a family-friendly social gathering complete with live entertainment.
But the emphasis is on the message, which comes straight from the Bible. I would hope it is the same Bible Peterson’s so-called “true church” uses. She said “anyone can build a house.” That is simply not true, it takes a group of caring people who put the needs of others ahead of their own.
She is also incorrect in saying that to tell the world about Christ requires intimate knowledge of him. I have been unchurched up until the last seven months and I may not have the knowledge she feels is required to relate him to the world. But I don’t need it.
All I need is a stack of Cedar Creek invite cards and Mike Sell and the other teaching pastors who are more then qualified to do that for me. They help hundreds make that decision for Christ every week, just like they did for me.
Peterson quotes from the Mike Sell interview (Page A6, June 28) and only talks about the music as evidence for her idolatry case. I wonder if she has ever attended one of Cedar Creek’s weekend experiences. If not, I would like to invite her to come and see firsthand all of the wonderful things happening here. And then she can make an informed judgment of the mission of the church.
I would hope everyone will join me in saying welcome to Findlay Cedar Creek Church and Mike Sell.
They have done so much for me in changing my life, changing my attitude toward others, and even my career path. They have truly transformed me.
Todd L. Williams
rural Findlay


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