Letters of the Editor 07-29-14

House Speaker John Boehner has announced that he plans to sue President Obama. Of course, it took several weeks for Boehner to figure out why.
At first, it was because Obama has issued so many executive orders that he is acting like a king.
Then someone must have whispered to Boehner that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than any other president since FDR. As of June 16, Obama has issued 168 executive orders, or 31 per year.
By contrast, Bush II issued 36.4 per year, Clinton issued 45.5 per year, Bush I issued 41.5 per year and Reagan issued 47.6 per year.
Next, Boehner decided it was because of the immigration issue, and that Obama isn’t following the law.
He discovered that Obama deported 1.8 million illegal immigrants, while Bush II had deported two million. Then, someone pointed out that Bush’s 2 million were done in eight full years, while Obama’s 1.8 million occurred in just his first four years and eight months (latest figures are through September of 2013), making Obama the “deportingest” president ever.
So, Boehner decided it must be because of the crisis of minor immigrants flooding into America.
Then he found out that this crisis resulted from a law that Bush signed in 2008. That law mandates that illegal minors from South and Central America (but not Mexico) must be given due process in court before being deported and that, in the meantime, the INS must arrange for the proper care of these minors.
Whoops! I guess Obama is following the law.
Finally, Boehner decided to sue because Obama had unilaterally delayed the implementation of Obamacare by employers, forgetting that the GOP had tried several times to do this very thing but had failed to muster enough votes. Perhaps Boehner should sue Obama for impersonating a Republican!
So, why is Boehner doing this? Well, folks, this is a midterm election year, and he is making a political grandstand using the tax dollars that you and I have paid!
Jim Flechtner

A bad day of golf still beats his best day at work. President Obama has played 181 rounds of golf since his presidency and attended over 393 fundraisers. While on his upcoming two-week vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, maybe our president can look over some handicaps that our country is facing.
A historically unpopular health care bill that may leave us all stuck in the bunker.
A civil war in Iraq and an aggressive expansion of Russian territory is taking place. Triple bogey for not placing higher concern for our world stability.
A surge of out-of-bounds illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Which country will incur the penalty?
A crisis where our own IRS admits to targeting Americans, then pleads the Fifth and loses emails of the suspects involved because the hard drive crashed. Obama said last year he doesn’t think there is one “smidgen” of corruption with the IRS. He teed that one up high.
A record number of Americans both outside our workforce and receiving disability payments from the government. A sand trap for the taxpayer.
For these reasons and countless others, I feel our president has earned the nickname, Mr. Mulligan, and should be disqualified.
Julie Roland



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