Letters to the Editor 08-06-14

The Courier’s View (Page A4, July 30) that Riverdale teacher Barb Williams is a bully is the farthest stretch from the truth and a great injustice to a woman who has loved and cared for children.
The media has led people to judge her based on one short video of a brief loss of her patience.
Cleveland attorney Dan Margolis stated in The Courier, “Riverdale students will be safer as a result of Williams’ resignation.”
If we could all listen to each kindergarten student in Mrs. Williams’ class and the entire circumstances, we would understand the truth.
I will never forget seeing my granddaughter after being separated from the teacher she loves, running to Mrs. Williams and hugging her and clinging to her while Mrs. Williams wept.
We won’t see that video on the 11 o’clock news or “Good Morning America.”
Some day, the young boy may thank Mrs. Williams for caring enough to discipline him, and forgive her for losing her patience.
Mark Ruggles

I would like to respond to Bruce Boguski’s letter (Aug. 4) about his concerns for the possible outbreak of infectious diseases in our country.
He begins with the return of two American citizens who contracted Ebola in western Africa through their courageous work as health care missionaries. Dr. Tom Frieden, the director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has stated that hospital prevention control is the most effective way of preventing the spread of the disease.
This means any modern hospital using standard infection control should be able to handle it. These U.S. citizens will receive better care at home than they could get in western Africa.
Boguski’s next concern is about the children who arrived at our border from Central America. They have come to escape the violence from some of the world’s most feared gangs in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
He worries that these refugees will bring infectious diseases to our states. Most countries in Central America have universal health care, so their children are often better vaccinated than our own. Those refugees at the detention centers in Texas are better vaccinated than Texas’s own children (One out of six has no insurance.)
Guatemala’s vaccination rate for measles is 93 percent compared to 92 percent for the USA. Also, 90 percent of Central Americans are vaccinated for TB, while in the USA there is no requirement.
I really question whether Boguski is concerned about the spread of infectious disease or more about the spread of his personal agenda.
Greg Philipp

You are the foreman of a small company that is going bankrupt. You have 10 workers under you.
In the rules of the company, you must get seven of the 10 workers to agree with suggestions to make the company solvent. You can’t fire any of the workers because they are in the union.
Only you can be fired. Six of the workers do not like you and were disappointed that you were made foreman.
They decided that no matter what you or the other four workers suggested that they would vote against it. In fact, they disliked you so much that they tried to do everything in their power to get you fired. They spread gossip about you that you were a bad foreman and that nothing was getting done because you and the other four did not have any good plans.
They did not suggest anything because they were afraid you might get credit for the suggestion.
Meanwhile, the company went further into debt. This went on year after year with votes of 6 to 4 about doing anything. So nothing continued to be done except the complaining, lies, half-truths, non-cooperation, and no compromises.
How frustrated would you be? Finally, after a long time a new foreman was chosen that the six really liked. The four decided that they would play the same game that the six had done the previous years and voted against any suggestions by the new foreman or the six.
The six screamed and complained that the four were destroying the company and how they should cooperate with the six. The hypocrisy was thick upon the six but they ignored it! And so the company went further down into a third-rate company.
Instead of working together to make the company succeed, they played their politics and only the CEO of the company and the board did well with their golden parachutes.
Mike Hocanson

All citizens of Findlay get their water from the reservoirs east of Findlay. Make that every drop of water you use.
We should all be glad former Mayor Sausser had the foresight that we needed the second reservoir.
Thank you, John Sausser.
Ginny Clymer

There are devices you can buy to attach to the kitchen cold water faucet that filter the water. Why couldn’t the filter company make filters for it that would filter out the algae toxins?
It would be much cheaper in the long run than driving around to get safe drinking water.
John Falls



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