Letters to the Editor 08-08-14

In response to Mark Ruggles (letter, Aug. 6), there is never an appropriate time to grab a child. There are many ways to discipline a child, but it should never be a choice to grab that child by the face and lift him off of the floor.
I am sure the teacher was loved by students. I’m sure at one time she was a good teacher. And I am sure that at some time we all have lost patience with a child.
But when you physically grab a child that you very likely outweigh by 100 pounds, then you have crossed the line and there is no excuse.
I am the parent of five children and four grandchildren. I have lost my temper.
I have volunteered for years within our school district and have gotten frustrated with the students. If I had ever grabbed a child by their face like Mrs. Williams did, I would have been asked to leave and would have, and most likely had charges brought against me.
Mrs. Williams had many choices in that incident. She chose the abusive one. What frightens me, is how many times did this happen and it wasn’t caught on camera or reported?
We need to start holding people responsible for their actions. This wrist-slapping and making excuses for our bad choices needs to stop!
Lisa Metcalfe
rural Findlay

As noble as it was for Mark Ruggles (letter, Aug. 6) to stick up for Barb Williams, I fear he has lost sight of reality.
To start, no injustice has been done. Ms. Williams is a bully in every sense of the word. Her violent acts do not constitute a “brief loss of patience.” Rather, they are evidence that she has severe, underlying anger issues. I have lost my patience many times, and I have yet to assault a child.
Ruggles says all we need to do is interview the other children in Ms. Williams class, look at the circumstances, and we would understand the truth. Fortunately, we need not go to all that trouble. The truth is already understood. The implication that there is another side to the story, a side in which Ms. Williams was justified in her actions, is one of the most offensive and vulgar things I have ever read.
Under what circumstances is it acceptable to threaten and assault a 6-year-old child? Perhaps the boy was being a handful, but that does not in any way justify what Ms. Williams did or said.
The writer tells the heartwarming tale of his granddaughter’s relationship with Ms. Williams, and states that the sight of Ms. Williams weeping while hugging one of her students is something that we will not see on the news. No sir, unfortunately, we will not. However, what we will see on the news is a video of Ms. Williams picking up a boy and shoving him into a wall.
The writer also states that, “Some day, the young boy may thank Mrs. Williams for caring enough to discipline him…” Never in my life have I read something quite this ignorant. If the boy recovers from the psychological damage done to him by this fine, upstanding teacher, then perhaps he just might come to his senses and thank her for assaulting him.
There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. Discipline is giving the boy detention. Discipline is suspending him for a number of days.
Discipline is not assaulting and threatening him.
Rusty Shackleford

Gary Essinger (letter, Aug. 7) condemns the GOP, which most liberals do.
Does he even attend a church where they teach to love one another and respect God? Where does he think we came from and will answer to when our lives come to an end?
Essinger talks about how we have no money. This is true! However, we would have some money if the Obamas did not spend our tax money on lavish vacations and clothes. Yes, I am talking about Michelle.
We would have more money if our gas companies didn’t raise prices, especially here in Findlay. Yes, I did work for Marathon, but did not receive bonuses like they do now.
When I retired, I was only 52 years old with 29 years of service, due to our department going to Houston.
They have taken God out of schools. When I was in school, we had religious education, which was one of my favorite classes. Now, kids don’t even know the Bible or what it has in it.
I am not claiming to know it, but I do go to church most of the time and feel so good when I leave there knowing that God is good all the time.
So don’t blame the GOP for everything. We all have our faults. Give us a break.
Arlene Scoby

I used to think that Carter, Johnson and Clinton were the worst presidents that we ever had. But they couldn’t hold a light to the one we have now.
All have tried to destroy this country. Obama is trying to make citizens out of people who are breaking the law.
He needs to be taken out of office, along with John Boehner.
We need to get rid of the Republicans and the Democrats. We don’t need either.
We could put a few men into office and just give them four years to do what needs to be done.
That way they won’t be able to do things their way.
Obama might think that he is in charge, but God will only let him go so far. This is God’s country.
There are 12 million lawbreakers in this country, plus the children who are coming here every day.
Send them back to Mexico. They have no right here.
If we went to Mexico without proper papers, we would end up in their prisons.
But they want us to take their people. They say that we owe it to them.
But why do we owe them? What have they ever done for this country?
We owe them nothing.
If they want to be a citizen, then let them do it the right way.
My wife is Mexican and we had to go through years and thousands of dollars to get her citizenship.
Why just give them citizenship? Let them earn it.
William B. Smith



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