Letters to the Editor 08-11-14

By the headlines, you would think that Israel is “the terrorist.”
Israel has, for years, put up with relentless rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip, an area that Israel generously gave over to the Palestinians in a peace deal nine years ago.
Instead of peace the Palestinians have turned over their government to the terrorist group, Hamas, who in their charter calls for the destruction of Israel and Christians!
You would think that a good start to any peace deal would be for the Hamas to recant such hateful language and recognize the nation of Israel.
Our government under the leadership of Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, current Secretary John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel are changing the paradigm of U.S. foreign policy.
It was Clinton, who first carried the message to the podium that Israel ought to return their 1968 boarders.
Why did Obama call the U.S. a Muslim country? Why, when he spoke at Georgetown University where there are statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Calvary’s cross covered with a tarp?
Was Franklin Graham nixed from the national day of prayer because he called Islam a violent religion?
Why did Obama pull every single troop from Iraq against the advice of many generals?
Why is it, that Obama does not say one word about the Christians throughout the Islamic world that are being persecuted, crucified, and beheaded, their churches, being burned and their being told to convert to Islam or die?
Prince Charles and the prime minister of Canada have both publicly condemned it but not Obama.
Why did Obama let three cold-blooded killers out of Gitmo in exchange for a deserter and yet we have a U.S. Marine rotting in a Mexican jail? When are Obama and Clinton going to release their poor coptic Christian scapegoat who is in jail for allegedly having a violent video that they claim started the Benghazi attack?
Why don’t they just admit they hung the ambassador and those men out to dry because it didn’t fit their narrative of an “Arab spring?” It’s more like a “Western fall!”
Daniel McDonald

In response to Greg Philipp’s letter (Aug. 6) I believe everyone who writes a letter to the editor has a personal agenda, otherwise, why write the letter?
Mr. Phillipp reveals his agenda when he touts “universal health care” and uses politically correct words like “refugee” and “immigrant” to describe citizens of foreign citizenship entering America illegally.
But at least he has an agenda and is willing to voice that agenda and I can respect that.
Yes, my personal belief is that America’s lack of enforcement of our immigration policy does weaken our country and expose us to unnecessary risks.
Mr. Phillipp mentions the children that arrive at our border (and that is a moral dilemma when children are involved), but there is no mention of the drug cartel members, terrorists, gang members and others that infiltrate with the children.
Concerning the Ebola, when Dr. Tom Frieden of the CDC was pressed upon whether he could guarantee the control of the Ebola virus, he sidestepped the question and actually said he couldn’t guarantee that.
And the reason for the 93 percent vaccination rate for TB in Central America is because the disease is prevalent there and America doesn’t require the vaccination because TB was eradicated here — until the illegal immigrants brought it back in!
I did what Mr. Philipp did and Googled for some info and found the percentages he correctly quoted in his letter. I also found articles that directly conflicted with his information.
And of course, he and I will quote the ones that support our “personal agendas.”
You might want to check out the article “America Welcomes Illegals’ Contagious Diseases” by Dr. Madeleine Cosman.
I must admit, personal agendas aside, that the entire time I was reading Mr. Phillipp’s remarks, I was hoping that he was right and that I was mistaken.
All the conflicting reports make it very difficult to determine where you stand, but we are all in this together and somewhere, sometime, we will have to come together to solve these crises.
Bruce Boguski

To all the people who voted for our president: Are you happy now?
The old saying that I heard years ago keeps sounding in my head.
It goes: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Just saying.
Edward Holmes Findlay



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