Letters to the Editor 08-16-14

I have brought this up before at one time or another, and I guess it was just swept under the carpet. So here we go again.
There is a section of Bright Road, south of Tiffin Avenue, that I guess has not been annexed into the city of Findlay. That section, between Tiffin Avenue and St. Michael’s church, on both sides of the road, is without sidewalks and street lights.
This is a very dangerous portion of Bright Road and is very highly traveled both north and south, all day and night long. The curve is very dark at night and pedestrians are difficult to see. Someday someone is going to get hurt and it won’t be fun to see.
In the winter with the snow and ice, you don’t drive around the curve, you slide around it, and hope that no one is walking on the road. I bring this up to whoever is responsible for this section of Findlay. My guess would be Marion Township officials since this is in the Marion Township limits.
I bring this up again because I have been confined to a motorized scooter, and I live in Senior Towers on Bright Road, and it is one of the few routes to and from the grocery store, the shopping mall and other places necessary for my daily wants and needs.
In both the summer and winter, I find it necessary to use this route, so I think that something should be done about it.
Other people in this portion of Marion Township have also complained about this problem and it continues to fall on deaf ears. Maybe when someone is killed or hurt, they might wake up. What’s it going to take?
As for street lights, why do most streets in Findlay have street lights on one side of the street? I notice this driving on Tiffin Avenue. There are lights on the south side of the street and the north side is all lit up. Maybe they are saving up for a Christmas parade on Christmas and not Presidents Day. Who knows?
But the lighting here in Findlay is another serious problem and should be brought to the attention of someone smart enough to do something about it.
Dick Cook

The powers that be had the idea of making all of the Main Street lights green at the same time to move a lot of traffic during rush hour.
Although they moved a lot of traffic, they encouraged speeding because they ignored one very basic human response.
When drivers go through a green light and see the next light is red, they slow down so that it will have a chance to turn green before they get there.
When drivers go through a green light and see the next light is green, they speed up in order to get through it before it turns red.
As a result, Main Street has become a speedway.
What did they expect?
Beverly Atkins

This is in response to the Aug. 8 Courier’s View on the visit by Army Lt. Col. Karl D. Jansen.
I read what the newspaper had to say on this gentleman, as well as Latta, Mihalik, Sprague and Wachtmann.
How can I, or anyone, be interested or impressed with any of this? Seriously. At this point in time, they could bring in the highest-ranked Marine officer. I don’t care.
The only thing that matters is seven, the number of years it has taken to study flood control.
After seven years, Lt. Col. Jansen calls this “priority number one?” On top of that he spends much of his day checking geography, gets briefed on our tendency to flood, and hears complaints and concerns.
After seven years, this guy didn’t already know this?
Exactly how incredibly fooled is the mayor and everyone else connected to the Army Corps plan?
Apparently, the retired engineer’s plan of Mr. Back (Page A3, July 14) isn’t phasing anyone.
Are we supposed to be surprised that Putnam County wanted to back out because they were tired of this?
After seven years, what exactly is there left to look at, or talk about, besides more stalling?
I think the next time we get four inches or more of rain at anytime through the remainder of 2014 or next year, and businesses or residents along the river get severely flooded, they should send a bill to the mayor’s office for anything ruined or destroyed.
The corps continues its deplorable, dispicable actions to help our flooding problem.
Seven years. The clock is ticking.
Mark Howard

I loved the letter from Don Iliff (Aug. 5).
“Liberals can be hard workers, too.” he wrote. It’s so refreshing to hear the other side of the story in a city that worships most every conservative Republican it can find.
So, my hat is off to Iliff. His letter expressed my feelings so well. It is is good to know not everyone in Findlay has been “brainwashed” by the conservative media.
Edwin Burkett



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