Letters to the Editor 08-23-14

The more letters Mr. Iliff writes, the more confused he appears to be. Has he never heard the words “tough love?”
Did he raise children? Did he give them everything they wanted? Did his parents give him everything he wanted? He may have had chores to do just because he was part of the family.
I think that capitalism is the only way that free men and women can grow and nourish the freedoms that we all hold dear. Only by working for a person of wealth will you receive a paycheck for your work. Only by using your own strengths and abilities will you ever develop a business of your own, and only because of capitalism will you enjoy the rights and privileges of doing so.
The start of Social Security was one of the biggest mistakes that America has ever permitted.
It was initiated during the 1929 Depression. Americans were hungry. They wanted to work and there were no jobs. FDR came up with some great plans to get America on the move again. Forestry jobs were created. Unions made a start. But, year by year, as things got better, too much power and greed began, not only with unions, but with our government, and with some companies as well. And America bought it.
As far as Social Security is concerned, after jobs became available, people should have been permitted the choice of taking the amount of their earnings that was placed into Social Security and placing it into a private untouchable account, to draw interest until their retirement.
We are not lifting up people by constantly giving.
We are creating zombies of inactivity. We are ruining good, healthy people by not requiring them to do anything to earn what they are receiving.
If the country feels it must “give” to everyone, let them do community service in exchange and require them to be tested for drugs before allowing them their monthly allotment.
I am not talking about the ill, the handicapped, nor anyone that is truly in need of help. And yes, even healthy folks need help occasionally.
Barbara J. Rice

On Monday, my daughter, granddaughter and I went to McDonald’s for lunch.
As we left, my daughter took my granddaughter out, while I, a senior citizen and 79 years old, began my way through the long lines of Findlay High School kids to empty our tray.
To my surprise, one of the high school boys stepped out of the line, took my tray and proceeded to empty it, taking care of it for me completely!
I love young people and am happy to share with others that young gentlemen are alive and well in Findlay, Ohio!
Thank you again, young man, whoever you are. You made my day!
Shirley A. Schey



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