Letter to the Editor 08-28-14

It would have been a nice gesture by city and school officials to consider the residents of Howard Street when making the decision to reroute some of the city school buses into our neighborhood.
School Superintendent Ed Kurt stated that the new drive made sense and was a “quick fix” to ease congestion and frustration drivers were dealing with. He should have continued on with a more honest and accurate statement and said to put the congestion and frustration into a residential neighborhood and let them deal with it.
Howard Street is already congested with Wal-Mart traffic and detoured traffic from U.S. 224.
Over a year ago, the school took out the original drive and opening when they built the new Millstream school.
Maybe Mr. Kurt can tell taxpayers how much it cost us to re-do this “quick fix” and put back the opening with new curbs, landscaping and concrete.
Howard Street residents would also appreciate a “quick fix” for all the unruly students that the school allows to park behind Millstream school who have no school supervision and disregard all traffic signs. Revoking parking privileges would be a start for a “quick fix.”
Mr. and Mrs. T. Tussing Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Harper
Carol McKitrick


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