Letters to the Editor 09-03-14

Nothing says the Hancock County Fair like elephant ears, rows and rows of choices of different fried foods, well-groomed animals and headdresses with feathers on children. What? Yes, Native American traditions disrespectfully sported on children’s heads!
Does anyone else think that feathered headdresses are a bit inappropriate for the Republican Party to be handing out to the kids at the fair in 2014?
Aside from perpetuating stereotypes, these very feathers and headdresses have deep spiritual significance for Native Americans. It is time to put this dated tradition away and move into a more enlightened time of cultural respect and awareness.
Perhaps an American flag handout to the kids would be an appropriate replacement? It is time for a discussion and change.
Cathy M. Weygandt

David Tharp (letter, Aug. 15) made some excellent points, especially about us spending so much on a study when we could have addressed a major part of the problem with flooding.
The key is to control the rainwater going to the river. We should follow suit with the example the new Glenwood School applied: A rainwater collection system to prevent running water to the creeks and using what is free after the cost of installation.
The study money could have provided 10 percent of all parking lots a rainwater system that sucks up, retains, and, with a valve, puts the water to the storm sewer or river. It should be the responsibility of all building owners to have a downspout retaining system. When a person buys a wind turbine, solar collectors, or a system that helps flooding problems, they should get a 30 percent tax credit.
For every one inch of rain, our home and garage roofs produce 600 gallons of water to use any way we wish.
Tharp’s letter was filled with lessons we should have learned along the way but have not. That’s why I say the U.S. is No. 1 in living in a modern-day dark age.
The most important sentence in Don Iliff’s letter (Aug. 15) is: “It is about making policy breaking the cycle of poverty for future generations.”
Launching the hydrogen economy, hemp, and self-sufficient industry in all 50 states and seven provinces is essential. It is called thetopcatplan.com. For those wishing to see what I look and sound like, view the 27-minute video.
Terry Cook


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