Letters to the Editor 03-11-17

As an old auto mechanic who never went to college, I can identify with the Riverdale kid (Page 1, March 9).
I had the “stars and bars” sticker on my toolbox and had the patch on my jacket. It wasn’t until I went into the service that I realized how DUMB it was for a guy from Ohio to do this.
The black guys were cool about it, they didn’t get offended by it, they summed it up as “a stupid cracker.” That’s all they said.
Now, as a parent, I have to wonder if this flag is the only part of their heritage that some people are proud of? Didn’t anybody serve in WWI? WWII? Korea? Vietnam?
Is this the battle they want their son to fight? Is this a cause worth fighting for?
Unless he’s a “re-enactor” or represents a museum, try waving the “stars and stripes.”
It represents your heritage better and doesn’t upset any American.
George Friesel

I had a good laugh when I read the letter from Mr. Freitag (March 8), but I had to wonder how long it would be before we’d hear the protests.
I didn’t have to wait long!
I think Mr. Freitag has a great sense of humor and might even have slipped a tiny political statement into his letter. I like a little lightheartedness in these sobering times.
Beth Wilhelm

There is no one-party mandate when our populist president loses the popular vote. The real mandate is for the two parties to work together like they did in defeating fascism and communism.
I was born in 1933 during the Depression and the year Hitler and Roosevelt came to power.
The Depression was made worse with tariffs as trade slowed, jobs were lost, and banks closed. It was also a period where major powers were led by “my country first” nationalists, explaining not just increased use of tariffs that led to trade wars, but to the worst military war in history.
In addition, 1933 was a period where social programs like Social Security and bank deposit insurance were initiated by Roosevelt to provide a safety net which eventually included health insurance. Now this, too, is under attack when some form of universal health care is now available in all major developed countries but ours.
Insurance companies profit most when providing the least or minimum care, while a single-payer plan impartially costs the least by far to administer. And everyone should be covered, as it is hard to pursue happiness without our health.
The president continues to be honest in expressing his views impulsively on these matters with more passion than fact-checking. I’m very concerned about revisiting some of the same policies today that didn’t work in 1933 like tariffs and not fully supporting social programs that did work, until politicians misspent money allocated to Social Security.
The president has claimed that he will provide such support and only time will tell.
Mostly, I’m concerned about the spread of alternative facts and mistrust, not just between political parties but within each party and across our institutions, including the three branches, the press, and security agencies.
We can do better when all are on the same American team, versus retriggering events like 1933.
Tom Murphy

We can throw Scripture at each other all week. We are all sinners saved by grace through faith.
Matt Stolick was right in his Guest View (Viewpoint, March 6), the disciples did not carry guns. Guns weren’t invented at that time, but some of them were armed with their latest technological weapons, swords and knives (see Luke 22:36, 38, 49-50).
Professor Stolick, would you tell your wife or daughter to turn the other cheek to a rapist? How about the senior citizen getting robbed? A firearm could save their life, and has for many people.
I hope you’re not judging Jerry Falwell Jr. or Liberty University. Let your creator take care of that.
As a parent, I would rather send my daughter and son to Liberty University, knowing it is not a soft target with today’s issues. It’s hard for me to believe that Pope Francis condemns Christians who make money off of the gun business and calls them hypocrites and merchants of death.
Yes, there is Scriptural debate, called, Satan is the accuser of the brethren.
Remember history in the late ’30s and early ’40s. In Germany, 6 million Jews, approximately 500,000 Lutherans and many Roma were killed.
Where did Germany get the loans or funds? Remember Matthew 10:34, Jesus commanded, “Do not suppose that I come to bring peace, but a sword.”
Jim Lowden
Mount Blanchard



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