Letters to the Editor 03-13-17

As we approach St. Patrick’s Day, I suggest we give a toast to the brave Irish and Scottish/Irish immigrants who volunteered for the American Continental Army and fought for our independence in the American War of Independence (1775-1783).
At the time of our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776, it is now known that commanding General Washington’s Continental Army was made up of 40 to even 50 percent of Irish and Scottish/Irish immigrants and descendants who then lived in the 13 colonies. In fact, about 25 percent of the entire population of the colonies identified as Irish or Scottish/Irish.
These brave soldiers fought and died for our independence from Great Britain. Without them, we may well have lost the American War of Independence, aka the Revolutionary War.
Many Irish and Scottish/Irish were foot soldiers and some served as officers in the American Continental Army. A good example is Irish-born Major General Richard Montgomery. He was the first major general killed in action on foreign soil.
Gen. Montgomery perished on the last day of December of 1775 in the failed invasion of Canada. He was killed in the battle of Quebec. Our commanding Continental Army General, George Washington, publicly grieved Montgomery’s loss at the time.
On this St. Patrick’s Day, let us remember and honor what those Irish and Scottish/Irish Continental Army soldiers did to make this country independent and free.
Thomas R. Davis

Conservatives don’t have to become liberal or abandon their beliefs about abortion or lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) persons to know that Trump is unqualified.
Trump is filled with foolish fears of Muslims, Mexicans and women, and wants us to share in his foolishness.
Contrary to Dennis Wright’s (letter, March 6) assumption that I read only liberal news, I also read scholarly research, The Courier and other news outlets. I don’t watch cable news.
I have seen and heard straight from Trump (the source) his bigoted and hateful statements. Trump’s success counts on “alternative facts.” Dictators depend on alternative facts. Trump exaggerates facts, denies facts and fills his own head with delusions.
I suggest everyone read Orwell’s 1984 chilling prophecy and frightening vision of a government.
Mr. Wright, facts aren’t alternative facts. Facts are the foundations of our Constitution, democracy and American values.
On the other hand, Trump trusts white nationalists and extreme far-right news rather than the FBI, CIA, Justice Department and other intelligence agencies.
A trait common to all dictators’ power is instilling suspicion of others not like themselves.
I haven’t read in the Bible where Jesus said while he was dying on the cross that he was sacrificing his life for everyone except those who are Muslims, Mexicans, pro-choice and LGBT. I haven’t read in the Constitution that we can take away their rights and protections.
Don Iliff

It is common on this page to see letters quoting a verse of Scripture which supposedly ends all debate on a given issue.
Familiar rules of hermeneutics are ignored.
I often wonder how the writer finds these verses, since it is unlikely the person is an avid reader of Scripture or has ever read the Bible through.
One rule is to consider context. Another is to compare Scripture with Scripture, and check the context of that verse as well.
As an example, in Leviticus 19:33, 34, the Jews are told how they should treat “the stranger that dwelleth with you.” They should not “vex him,” but should “love him.”
The context is the Jews were a nation of people and God was addressing them. This fact is ignored in other situations as well.
Note further in the context as well as comparing Scripture the following instructions: If you go down five verses, anyone who offered their baby in sacrifice to Molech, “the children of Israel or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel … shall surely be put to death …”
As a challenge, read the next eight chapters and you will discover that the strangers were to comply with the same laws from God as the Jews and receive the blessings and consequences.
Christians will receive and treat foreigners “as one born among you.” They will take them to church, introduce them to the Lord who said: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” He also said that there is no other way.
There might be many roads that lead to Findlay, but I’m going to heaven and there is only one way. If people think that Christians should follow Leviticus 19, they will be glad to if you include the following chapters, with all the references to strangers, foreigners and sojourners.
Glenn Coats
rural Findlay



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