Letters to the Editor 03-14-17

“To build or not to build,” that’s no longer the question. Yes, I’m talking about the wall. According to Mr. Trump, he is “way ahead” on his plans to do so even if the Mexican government does not pay for it. We knew they wouldn’t.
So now, the question remains: Who is to pay?
Is Mr. Trump going back on his promise? Heaven forbid! We Republicans know better than him doing so.
Therefore what? Is the money coming out of his own pocket? I doubt it, he is not that kind of philanthropist.
Allow me then to offer my suggestion as to how to build it without a penny of cost to the American consumer.
Have every illegal alien in this country pay $120 a month in exchange for work permits. After all, they are the ones who are responsible for the current state of affairs.
Next, cut in half the amount of money that the government gives to the drug addicts to support their vice. Imagine the results!
If Mr. Trump was to do that, and if my figures are correct, the wall will be paid for in three years or less, and everyone will be happy except the drug addicts. But hey, someone has to suffer.
Just a suggestion.
Eligio Sierra

In Wednesday’s paper, a writer was upset about the new health care bill that’s not been made into law yet. It is getting reviewed so any unwanted parts can be removed or replaced before it is put up for a vote, unlike the previous law.
That law, which was forced on us by the then-Democratic Congress, was passed so that we could find out what was in it, according to former President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.
The current Congress is doing it the right way by reviewing it part by part and correcting the wrongs before it is voted on.
It’s a shame that more people don’t know the way Congress is supposed to run, like those in Congress who want it to go according to their wishes instead of the way the Constitution states it should.
That is why we have so many in this country and around the world who deny that we have a creator who has our lives in his hands and is waiting for us to turn and follow him, and not some idea that it is our lives to live as we choose.
There have been too many laws passed that are meant to please ourselves and not our creator. All these congressmen and women want to please their constituents and ignore the Constitution, which is based on Christianity, and give free stuff to those who don’t want to work for a living. They would rather let the government take care of them.
I’m 76 years of age, and I’ve worked and paid into Social Security most of those years. There are those who think they deserve that money more than those of us who worked and earned it.
Bill Stock



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