Letters to the Editor 03-15-17

I wanted to comment on the story “Developer plans 64 luxury apartments west of Findlay” published on March 14, Page A1.
So this developer will take away $337K from the public schools, Medicaid, and corrections to build apartments that are far outside the means for a majority of people in Hancock County, when the county is in dire need of affordable housing, and he can buy the property back for the yearly wage of someone working part time? Really?
This won’t help the labor shortage in the county, either.
Doug Berger

It is always interesting to me to read other viewpoints of Scripture and to contemplate them, much as King David did. However, as we do this, we need to keep in mind the context in which each Scripture was written, as well as how it relates to the overarching message of the entire Bible.
I take great exception to what Mr. Lowden (letter, March 11) had to say regarding the words of Christ in Matthew 10:34.
If you read the rest of what Jesus was discussing in the surrounding verses, you come to the realization that he is predicting the persecution of his followers. This prediction came to fruition as noted in the book of Acts, during the reign of Nero, and is still occurring today in various parts of the world.
Christ was not calling his disciples to arms in order to wage war, or even to defend themselves for that matter. This is evident in all four Gospels when Jesus rebuked the one who cut off the ear of one of the servants of the high priest.
By saying that he did not bring peace, but a sword, Christ was warning them that they will be persecuted and that they should be mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually prepared for it. All that Christ accomplished in his short life and beyond, none of it was through violence on his part.
Though I don’t fully agree with Dr. Stolick’s views (column, Feb. 27) on many issues, one thing he is correct on is that the overarching message of Christ was love. I also want to caution all believers in Christ regarding the dangers of reading Scripture out of context. Doing so has led to many evils done in God’s name, by many faiths, including Christianity.
Timothy Franks


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