Letter to the Editor 03-20-17

I read with great interest the opinion of Rep. Robert Latta on the March 18 Viewpoint page.
His last paragraph, “this current Republican Congress is embracing the belief that the government that governs closest to the people, governs best. That means shifting regulatory decision-making back to the states, who know best the needs of their constituency, and away from the D.C. bureaucrats.”
I find it curious that Latta knows best the needs of his constituency considering that during the last congressional recess in February of 2017 he was apparently too afraid to meet his constituents face-to-face and schedule a town hall meeting. The intended purpose of a congressional recess, after all, is to give legislators time to go back to their local districts to meet with the citizens.
He was, however, able to attend fundraisers during that same time period.
I’m afraid Latta has become one of the “D.C. bureaucrats” he refers to in his column. He apparently knows what is best for us without having to meet with us personally.
Dean Kessler



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