Letter to the Editor 04-14-17

I am writing about an article that appeared in The Courier (Page A3, April 10). It was about a young man being charged with the death of a young woman passenger in his van while driving on U.S. 224.
His van was struck by a box truck that was leaving a private drive. Will someone explain to me how the person from the private drive, pulling into the line of traffic, takes priority over the person driving on the state highway?
When did the law change?
I’m an old woman, but in my time, private drives or alleys did not have priority over streets and highways.
Why was the man driving from the private drive not charged with the death of the young woman when he clearly didn’t have the right of way?
I can see punishing the young man for driving under the influence of a drug and driving with his license under suspension, but he clearly was not responsible for the death of his friend. I’m glad he pleaded not guilty and I hope he continues to fight those accusations until justice is served to the proper person who caused the accident and the death of an innocent young woman.
Rachel Kingery


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