Letters to the Editor 04-17-17

In reply to Don Kinn (letter, April 15), you might notice that the Democrats involved in this election are all on the ballot for council-at-large.
All three of the Republicans on the ballot for those offices are incumbents. It would seem to me that the educated citizen should already be somewhat aware of their opinions.
As there are three of them and three seats to fill, there is really no decision to be made. I am interested to hear the opinions of the four Democrats in the race and being that there are four of them, one will be eliminated in the primary.
Now let us jump forward to the general election. This is where we will probably hear from all the candidates to contrast their ideas and opinions.
I will be very interested in hearing that information at that time, and am indeed paying attention to the primary to get a little insight into the Democratic candidates’ ideas and thoughts.
Mark Thomas

We had a fire April 4 in the home where I grew up in. My brother resides there now. I want to thank the firemen, EMS, police and anyone else who tried to save the house and my brother, Bob Verhoff.
The house was engulfed by fire and smoke when they arrived. We think my brother was gone by then.
We think he tried to put out the fire himself, but waited too long to get out. He was just a few steps from making it out.
The lesson is this: In a fire get everyone out and let the pros take care of the fire.
Again, thank you to all who helped in any way.
Larry Verhoff

I cannot remember a year with so many positive and negative actions going down. More and more common people have come to realize that it’s time for major change in priorities.
The Satan worshiping, child-taking for slavery, destroyers of air, soil, water, will never change their main ambition: population control!
Yes, they trash the most essential for life substance on earth, water, then sell it in a plastic bottle. They use lakes of water to frack our country to death, for something we do not need. Dirty rotten natural gas!
Homemade hydrogen, using the power of the sun, wind like never before, and your downspout water, in your barn or garage, and now you have cooking, heating, stored electricity, and power for vehicles.
Hemp charcoal is the total replacement for fossil mercury, sulfur, lead coal and nuke centralized electric power plants. We do not need big oil, big chemical, or big-bought government. But we do need oxygen.
Plant the industrial hemp. That is what we are going to do. The very existence of our planet depends on this action.
Our backs are against the wall, and we have all the magic ingredients to take the crony rulers out, not out for lunch!
Know your enemy, what they are doing, and know we out number them 99.9 to one.
Terry Cook


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