Letters to the Editor 04-18-17

No wonder people are avoiding churches. Adolescents and young adults are searching for connections other than church to practice their spirituality.
Eighty-three percent of evangelicals voted for Trump. Fundamentalists spend their time quoting Bible verses, condemning LGBTQ communities, Muslims and liberals.
Trump’s Christian supporters are cheering the same terrifying words and behaviors Jesus spent his life condemning.
Christians have become a great way to convert others to atheism.
Trump and his family waste tens of millions of taxpayer dollars each month financing his golf trips to Florida, his kids’ vacations, his wife living in New York and his daughter taking over the duties of adviser and first lady.
The White House has become the house of the Trump family monarchy.
Trump was married while bragging about committing adultery. Trump said he could grab women because he was a celebrity. He asked supporters to “rough up” protesters. Trump is a greedy, bitter, self-centered, bigoted person.
What has Trump accomplished? Made fun of the disabled, failed marriages, bankrupted businesses?
How is good fruit produced by eliminating health care for tens of millions of people, as well as defunding preventative breast cancer screenings for women and vaccines for children? How does it help banning refugees, lying about Mexico paying for a wall, putting an oil pipeline through sacred Native American land, and filling his cabinet with the wealthiest? How does Trump make America great by appointing white supremacists, threatening other countries with tweets, bombing civilians and criminal involvement with Russia?
Christians distorted the Bible to justify murdering and torturing colonialists accused of witchcraft. Christians misused scripture to justify slavery and the slaughter of Native Americans.
Now, Trump’s Christians want us to believe that men, women and children living in poverty and illness are the results of their sins and laziness. Trump eliminated funding for meals that feed hungry children and elderly. Trump wants us to believe war is peace, global warming is a hoax and polluting our environment and paying poverty wages to workers make America great.
Don Iliff

I’m supporting Ron Monday for election as the Findlay City Council president because of his many years of service to the city and his attention to issues that affect Findlay residents.
As citizens of Findlay, it is our responsibility to nominate an individual who knows what they are doing and understands how it needs to be done, while making improvements along the way.
After putting much thought into this, I have come up with one solution: you must elect a person with experience if you want the work to be done correctly. I have witnessed Ron’s dedication, leadership, and experience first hand as a fellow City Council member.
Ron brings a balanced vision of how Findlay can continue to grow and at the same time remain a close-knit and welcoming community. He has worked hard to gain a deep understanding of important issues such as public safety, finance, legislation and he will promote well-vetted capital investment projects that promote safety, job growth, job retention, and the future infrastructure necessary for job creation and prosperity.
Let’s continue to benefit from that experience and dedication to the residents of Findlay. Please join me in voting for Ron Monday on May 2.
John Harrington

OK. Let me get this straight. A group of drag queens is coming to Findlay to put on a charity event and raise money for the “Ignite the Arts” organization.
While I can think of a few reasons why a grown man would want to dress up as a woman and go out in public, charity work is not one of the reasons.
Why does someone think they have to “open minds and develop new cultural and social outlets” here? This is small-town America.
If you want to see outlandish behavior and enjoy it, a bigger city is your kind of town.
If you want to raise your kids with morals and a sense of right and wrong, then Findlay is your town. We do not need our minds “opened” or to be told that “drag is big, bold and unabashed.”
This is unacceptable.
What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business. Do not push your views on me and flaunt your behavior just because you can.
Bruce Haynes


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