Letters to the Editor 04-20-17

Bruce Haynes (letter, April 18) took great and sanctimonious personal offense to the “Drag City USA” event occurring this Saturday, and hosted by Ignite the Arts.
This fundraising event benefits the Focus on Friends organization which leads peer-led support and resources to help people improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life and sustain their recovery in the face of addiction, mental health struggle and trauma.
Here in Findlay, we are not immune to the problems associated with mental health and the opiate epidemic.
As a city, we all wake up to the same headlines of overdose, death and abuse on a regular basis. I would imagine that there are very few people in Findlay who find themselves unaffected by these issues.
Furthermore, it is far past due that the LGBTQ community in Findlay be allowed the same right to exist in public spaces as the rest of its citizens.
Wake up, Findlay, we live in a free country and any city that ties itself so strictly to the moniker “Flag City USA” should recognize that this represents the civil rights of every person in this town. No exceptions.
In his letter, Haynes wrote, “While I can think of a few reasons why a grown man would want to dress up as a woman and go out in public, charity work is not one of them.”
This line of thinking is shameful, privileged and self-important and exists only to disrespect the freedoms that this country represents while simultaneously stomping on efforts that would ease the damage that the opiate crisis has inflicted on our community.
I implore the citizens of Findlay to place community health and wellness before bigotry and ignorance. Show up to this fabulous event, show up for those who are hurting, lost and left behind in our community.
Katie Finneran

I was born and raised in this small town of Findlay that has grown into a beautiful city, and as someone who is part of the LGBT+ community, I was ecstatic to see United, the University of Findlay’s gay-straight alliance, hold its fourth annual drag show.
The performances this year were not only wonderful, but the charity exceeded the previous year’s contribution.
These contributions will go to trans support groups and the local LGBT+ resource center on the university’s campus.
I am so proud of United’s efforts, the university for its support, and the locals of Findlay who came to the show.
Everyone may not be “open minded” around here, but there are those of us who call Findlay home that can’t wait until next year for United’s fifth annual drag show and who are thrilled for the upcoming “Ignite the Arts” drag show this Saturday.
To all those who are struggling and feeling like they aren’t supported to be who they are, know that we are out here and there for you.
Edward Deitrick

Drag queens in Findlay putting on an event for charity? That truly is unacceptable, but I have a simple solution.
If you don’t approve of the event, don’t attend.
Dave Uitto
New Riegel

I read Karen Minto’s diatribe on President Trump (letter, April 15) which was so far left it qualifies as irrational and too crazy to dignify with a response. Then I read Don Iliff (letter, April 18) which begs for a response.
Karen and Don both begin with a liberal mindset and then feed at the trough of the alphabet news sources (ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, etc.) which specialize in fake news to feed to their liberal audience. Negativity feeds negativity and viewers who don’t bother to fact check are easy prey for the hate speech. If you blend all of this together and leave out facts, you have a perfect liberal alphabet soup.
Karen listed most of the left’s non-factual talking points against President Trump in one paragraph.
These accusations were trotted out repeatedly before the election and failed to sway public opinion among the informed segment of the electorate.
Don goes a step further and tosses Christians into his soup and attempts to defend Planned Parenthood under the indefensible premise that abortion is health care.
What the left hates is that Trump is not deterred by liberal opposition and their political correctness which dominated the news cycle for the last eight years in an attempt to influence public policy. Accusations related to Trump’s moral compass for past deeds fall woefully short of Bill Clinton’s numerous sex-capades, which were defended and deemed acceptable by the left. Liberal hypocrisy knows no conscience.
Liberal ideology is based upon socialism, which has never been successful anywhere. Because it is based upon emotions rather than measurable, pragmatic solutions to societal problems, it doesn’t stand up well in the arena of logical debate. For this reason, liberals quickly resort to personal attacks, which have served them well in the past.
Fortunately, Trump is forging ahead with the agenda which got him elected in spite of what is often reported by the media. Health care reform is still being negotiated, in contrast to all of the negative reports claiming it is dead.
The next time you buy soup, check the ingredients.
Larry Richards



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