Letter to the Editor 05-12-17

Nichole Coleman’s letter (May 4) is full of distortions regarding my effort (letter, May 2) to add the names of three servicemen to Hancock County’s memorial wall. I believe she has done this to protect her position with the government.
Distortion 1: Not knowing the proper procedure for meeting with the Veterans Affairs Council, I submitted my request to her office. She contacted me and informed me that I should present the list to the council. I attended two meetings to present my case and they listened to my request. I learned later that after denying my request, the council president said that they had heard the last of me.
Distortion 2: The list that I submitted contained three names, not the six that Coleman states in her letter. She is probably confusing a previous request that I submitted to include a sixth name on the Civil War Medal of Honor recipients, a name that was overlooked at the time of the commissioning of the MOH monuments.
Distortion 3: Coleman states in her letter that one of my “six” names was in Findlay briefly and enlisted in another city. That is true to a degree. However, the man in question was born in Bowling Green, attended Findlay schools until his junior year and moved to Tucson, Arizona, when his parents divorced. He enlisted in the Army in Tucson. His name is on the memorials.
Distortion 4: The three men that I am trying to include on the memorials, William L. Gray Jr., Michael L. Krom, and Michael D. Nissenbaum, did not visit Findlay for two weeks while on leave from the military. How could they have been in Findlay on leave for two weeks when they were not in the military yet?
Lastly, should there be any doubt as to the residency requirements for the three, the obituaries of Gray, Krom and Nissenbaum in the Republican-Courier clearly list them as residents of Findlay.
If it is in the Republican-Courier it must be true. No fake news here!
Thomas A. Deter



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