Letters to the Editor 05-19-17

The headline shouted “City Council argues,” then the story went on to describe heated exchanges between the members concerning questions of splitting the service-safety job into two positions.
I applaud Councilwoman Holly Frische, as she asked poignant questions.
Frische stated that she did not want this to be another rubber-stamp deal. It seems that with every vote by council, there is very little questioning going on and Ms. Frische is told to “move on.”
With so many ordinances read and approved with so little discussion, she has a point.
I love that she has the courage to ask the questions that are needed to represent the citizens.
I look forward to November’s election when the opportunity arises for some new representation.
The “good old boys” system needs to go.
The three highest vote-getters, regardless of party affiliation, will take the council seats next January, so it is important to be paying attention.
Our city has seven wards, with three at-large positions. You can look this up: https://www.findlayohio.com/government/
Splitting the service-safety position into two jobs, with one allowing Paul Schmelzer to offer a private engineering consulting service on the side, needs to be clearly defined.
Will he be working part-time? How does that not bring up questions to the taxpayers?
I personally do not want to see an appointed official making personal gain from a city office.
A strong mayor appoints, but council’s job is to oversee, ask questions and even potentially utilize veto authority.
Candidates Barb Lockard, Heidi Mercer and Mary Harshfield will ask some important questions to represent you!
Cathy M. Weygandt

Reading the headlines in the May 17 edition, I am once again asking myself, “What responsibility do council members have besides meeting twice a month?”
My question arises from the discussion by Holly Frische about the split in the service-safety job.
Split or not to split is not my question. My interest is piqued by Frische’s questions about job descriptions, justification for the salaries, full- or part-time position, etc.
It would seem to me that council has some responsibility in investigating issues before they come up for a vote, especially when they are up for a third reading.
Is there no information available on the internet about such positions? Are city managers and the mayor not forthcoming with additional information when asked?
This is not the first time I have read council reports with incredulity about the seeming lack of preparation by members prior to the meeting. It would seem to me that the position pays enough to require some homework on the part of our elected officials.
I am open to being educated about all the requirements and ready to do a “mea culpa” if I am way off base.
Chuck Gerringer

This is in reference to both Don Iliff (letter, May 15) and Larry Richard (letter, May 17).
I believe we need both Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives to maintain a balance. If the voters feel that a party has gone too far to the left or too far to the right, during the next election citizens can vote that party out.
Both Republicans and Democrats are made up of good people who want to do what is best for the country. They just have different ideas of how to do that.
Government works the best when there is respect and civility, and both parties accept the fact that everyone has the same goal.
They all want to do what is best for the country. They obviously disagree on how to do that, but working together and listening to each other’s views helps them to make the best laws.
I believe that in every church there are both conservatives and liberals. Again, they all want to live in a way that is pleasing to God.
Members may disagree with each other’s views, but disagreeing with a person’s view does not make that person non-Christian or evil. Only God knows what is in someone’s heart.
I suspect that all of us at one time did something good, not out of love, but to impress other people, or to look more respectable, or to gain power, etc. More than likely we have also done something heartfelt and it ended badly.
In both cases, we humans would have judged that person inaccurately, but God knew what was in their heart.
There are good and holy people that are conservative and good, and holy people that are liberal. They view things differently, but it doesn’t make either conservatives or liberals non-Christians or evil.
I find it interesting that Jesus stayed out of politics. He was interested in changing hearts, not law.
Joann Haslinger



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