Letters to the Editor 06-19-2017

I’m disturbed at Dick Taylor’s callous attempt to politicize this last disaster (letter, June 15). This is not the time to push your political agenda but rather reflect the purpose of these men in working together to benefit a charity in need.
The 2nd amendment has been recently reviewed and decided by the US Supreme Court — so you can recall, is the highest court of our country.
Gun owners, NRA members and shooting enthusiasts are heavily regulated by our government and its multitude of laws and regulations (i.e. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, FBI, all local law enforcement officers).
Perhaps you should review homicide rates of cities like Chicago, Washington D.C., Flint, Los Angeles, or better yet, our neighbor Mexico with the most restrictive gun laws on the planet.
Unless you’ve buried your head for the last five years you will see how high the homicide rates are vs. cities with the more “gun friendly” laws. Switzerland requires its citizens to volunteer for military service and mandates they keep their “true” military assault rifles (fully automatic high capacity) at home. Do you read about their high murder rates?
Society will never be able to keep “meat grinder” weapons out of the hands of “crazies.” Whether these are guns, pistols, rifles, vans, knives, cars or semi-tractor trailers!
When a drunk driver destroys entire families with their ‘weapon’ of choice do you blame assault vehicles and push for higher regulation?
I was a card carrying liberal who voted for Bill Clinton. My mindset changed the first time my life and my wife’s were threatened, and despite a 911 call, no police ever came. The second time, yes, this happened to my family I realized only I was capable of being an immediate intervention in protecting my family.
Just realize that should terror strike our country again, all law enforcement officers will be preoccupied at the hottest incident zones needing them. Guess where that leaves you and your family in their absence?
I would never wish that vulnerability on innocent neighbors like Taylor. But don’t tell those of us NRA members how to live our lives!
Ted Racine
Grand Junction, Colorado
After reading Saturday’s article about the new improvements on Main Street, I am wondering is it really needed?
They say that they want to slow traffic down on Main Street and downtown, but I think they forget that it’s a major road for trucks to come here from Columbus to make deliveries to companies.
Also, if they slow the traffic down on Main Street, then what’s going to happen to all that traffic? Oh, that’s right, they want the traffic to go to Western Avenue and Broad Avenue.
Have these people ever tried to go down Western Avenue at 5 p.m.? The traffic is ridiculous and is backed up for a long time.
You could wait at the intersection at Western and Sandusky for a half hour or more.
Also, what about us who live on side streets off of Main? Traffic is going to flood our streets and that is something I could live without.
I just think these “improvements” are not well planned and should have had some kind of community involvement when they were made.
Jacob Dunbar

I read in Saturday morning’s Courier that they are getting an early start with the “Main Street Revitalization” project.
The design seems to promote jaywalking by placing crosswalks at mid-block. Perhaps when their use brings some auto/pedestrian problems, they will add flashing “Yield to Pedestrian,” signs as they have on W. Main Cross Street, to accommodate those pedestrians too lazy to walk a half block to a signal.
I can just hear the snowplow drivers this winter as they maneuver around the bump outs and then find no place to put the snow as the pedestrian “safety zone” now occupies where they used to pile the snow prior to loading into trucks to be hauled away.
It will look nice, and it will complement the Marathon Campus, but are lost parking spaces and complicating snow removal (safety) worth it?
There are those who will say that pedestrians are year-round, but there are only a few snow days so the money is well spent.
It just seems to me that spending monies on replacing walks and curbs just for beauty is not what our administration was elected to do.
It will look nice, but I am sure that there is some more infrastructure within the city that is more important than “pretty.”
Don Kinn


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