Letter to the Editor 08-10-17

Don Iliff (letters, Aug. 4, 8) claimed there was no war on coal, but President Obama and his administration did fight one.
During his first campaign, Obama said that “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” under his plan to force CO2 reductions on fossil fuel electric plants, mostly coal at the time. Other anti-coal regulations included the “Clean Power Plan,” requiring existing electricity plants to cut CO2 by 30 percent. Utilities saw that with coal this would be impossible, so they shuttered numerous coal plants.
Simultaneously, natural gas costs came down sharply, to about the cost of coal, due to fracking, which Obama banned on federal lands, so it was done only on private and state lands. Substituting natural gas with much less output of CO2 became utilities’ favorite way of meeting Obama’s regulations.
To his great credit, President Trump has abandoned the Clean Power Plan, along with the Paris Treaty, which Obama implemented in violation of the Constitution.
Iliff decried the early church’s persecution of heretics and praised “science,” but today the hunt for heretics is led by supposed speakers for science, with vitriol ranging up to calls for our imprisonment. He claims an “unequivocal” warming of the “climate system.” Earth’s temperature has drifted upward a bit since the cold 1800s, though the warming is overstated.
Global warming apocalypse models showed on average at least twice as much warming since 1998. The models are certifiably overheated.
See “Making sense of the early-2000s warming slowdown,” by John Fyfe, et al, which states that warming slowed a lot since the beginning of this century, and the models keep over-forecasting the warming. Those erroneous models are the sole basis for the climate change disaster predictions.
Ralph Mullinger



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