Letters to the Editor 08-12-17

What started out in Cal Thomas’ Aug. 6 column as a war warning that North Korea and Iran, which I didn’t know had a bomb yet, were going to nuke McComb’s brand new water tower the first thing tomorrow morning, turned out to be another Republican hero-of-heroes tribute to Ronaldus Magnus.
Cal had it right when he said we liberals called Reagan’s bullet hitting a bullet, Star Wars. Well, 34 years later it is still Star Wars. I believe in the Terminal High Altitude Defense about as much as I believe that Annie Oakley could shoot Buffalo Bill’s bullet out of the sky.
Or, about as much as the prevaricator in chief believes in climate change.
Well, anyway, I get so tired of Cal and Rush Limbaugh types rewriting history as to how miraculous Reagan was.
We have heard chapter and verse about those manna from heaven Reagan tax cuts that save us all from picking peanuts for the rest of our lives.
However, you never hear a word of how many times Sir Ronald of Bonzo raised taxes or how he wrote the textbook on raising the debt ceiling.
Nor do we hear that after he and old read-my-lips Bush left office, they had quadrupled Carter’s so-called malaise debt.
I was around when the Gipper thought John Poindexter and Oliver North played for the Chicago Cubs and that Iran Contra might have been the name of the saloon in El Dorado.
While we can’t count the times we have heard about the Benghazi tragedy, we have not heard one peep about the 63 lives lost at the U.S. Embassy bombing in Beirut, Lebanon, under President Reagan’s watch. But then, he was a Republican.
Jim Brant

Last month, Sen. Rob Portman had a chance to stand up for his constituents and our health care.
Instead, he balked at the opportunity and voted for a dangerous and carelessly crafted health care bill that would have caused thousands more Ohioans to go without health insurance and increased premiums.
After more than seven years of failing to come up with a health plan that lowers costs and improves coverage, Republicans need to move on from their reckless health care repeal plan.
It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to work together to protect what works in our health care system and fix what doesn’t. Ohioans want bipartisan solutions that improve our health care.
The only question is: Will Sen. Portman listen to his constituents, or will he again fall to partisan pressure?
Melissa Kritzell

When do we get to vote for new commissioners?
How can the commissioners impose a tax on us that we do not want, nor voted for? Is it because others have written in, saying we should not pass this?
If the county would do a budget and stay on it, like those of us on a fixed income, they wouldn’t need new taxes.
Why do we vote for anything in Hancock County? The politicians impose what they want and we have no say.
I believe we should start all over with totally new politicians like Donald Trump did.
Joyce Ann Butcher


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