Letters to the Editor 09-11-17

Tom Stacy (letter, Sept. 7) misses the point in his response to Sen. Cliff Hite’s notion that “wind is our shale.”
Wind is a natural resource, just like shale, and we can reap the benefits of that resource in northwest Ohio.
I support Hite’s efforts to change the setback rules for wind turbines and open up development.
I grew up in Belmont County on the east side of the state where there were strip mining and coal-fired power plants up and down the river.
Back then, when you woke up in the morning your car was covered in soot. I know many people with diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s. I wonder if it’s not due in part to growing up near the carcinogens.
We need cleaner energy in Ohio. Wind energy puts no pollutants into the air. Natural gas and coal power plants rely on combustion of fossil fuels to run, while wind is fuel-free.
From electric cars to solar and wind power, the world is moving toward clean energy. Why would Ohio try to fight it?
Things like wind energy and electric cars are worth investing in because they give me, my three daughters, and their children a cleaner environment to live in, unlike the one that I had growing up.
For my community, I welcome wind turbines, the investment and the jobs they bring with them, not to mention the clean air.
Tom and I can agree on one thing — there is no comparing wind to gas. Wind wins.
Dennis Norman
Van Wert

One of the things about writing stuff on opinion pages is that people can leave out important information. For example, Dave Malone (letter, Sept. 6) left out George W. Bush’s presidency.
In June 1994, former President Carter went to North Korea to negotiate with the president of North Korea. An agreement was worked out between Carter and Kim Jong II. North Korea committed to freezing its plutonium weapons program in exchange for two nuclear reactors and aid.
International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors were allowed back into North Korea. Plutonium processors were sealed. Relations between the United States and North Korea were on the verge of resolving the conflicts during the end of Clinton’s presidency.
Right-wingers ignore what happened with North Korea under Bush. They magically performed a Bush vanishing act during the Bush era of North Korea and U.S. conflicts.
To the contrary, Bush was rewarded politically because of the North Korean crisis he created before the 2002 elections. Bush’s propaganda released in the news fueled public opinion against the Carter-Clinton 1994 agreement.
Because of Bush, years of diplomacy were destroyed. Bush sabotaged South Korea and Japan’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea.
In 2002, Bush used unproven allegations of North Korea processing uranium as an excuse to break the agreed framework. Rather than reducing tensions, Bush would use get-tough military policies against North Korea.
Like Trump, Bush argued that helping North Korea was “appeasement.”
Because Bush broke the agreement, Korea announced it was resuming plutonium production. In his limited wisdom, what did Bush do? Bush falsely accused Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, of having weapons of mass destruction and bombed Iraq. In 2004, North Korea claimed it produced nuclear weapons.
In recent months and weeks, North Korea has tested several intercontinental missiles and nuclear weapons. It’s no surprise Republicans are blaming presidents Carter, Clinton, and Obama.
Regardless, it is the actions of Bush and Trump that have put the U.S. in dangerous conflict with North Korea. On Trump’s watch, 3,500 additional American troops have been sent to Afghanistan and fighting continues in Iraq.
Don Iliff

Hemp composite plumbing, water towers, and aerodynamic water buffaloes: These are just three of the hemp industries coming to every state, province, and territory.
Growing as much hemp as possible is the most important topic in our war to survive.
Good water is being used in ways nature did not intend. That is the cronies’ plan. Trash everything good, then sell it to the masses.
Hemp charcoal is the answer to totally replace all planet-destroying industries.
Shut down all nuke, fossil coal, natural gas, or fossil oil-fueled, electric centralized power-producing stations.
Cannabis and homemade green hydrogen are the two rocks in our foundation to go green in every way.
Becoming self-sufficient is the common man’s new direction just to be able to exist.
But all walks of life, and all industries, must go green. Nothing needs to be invented to keep positive actions coming in our green and political revolution.
Most are realizing we have many more good blessings than we had not just five years ago. Most of us know the truth of who our enemies are, what their plans are, and that growing hemp to clean our air, water, and soil drives a wooden stake into the hearts of the evil rulers.
Knowing is important, but communicating is just as crucial if we wish to progress in a positive scheme of life.
Terry Cook


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