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Letters to the Editor 08-07-18


This letter is written in response to Tom Murphy’s letter (Monday), regarding Urban Meyer’s decision to hire, supervise and fire an assistant coach, Zach Smith.

Murphy gives the impression that he has more recent information and now has learned the truth. This is the same “truth” that the university has a team of attorneys researching the court records and interviewing university personnel to discover.

However, when Murphy compares this situation with the earlier events at OSU, Penn State and Michigan State, he immediately destroys the basis of his argument. There is no similarity! When you examine the facts, you learn that those cases all involved student-athletes and members of the university staff. The situations involved students versus empowered people taking advantage of their position to abuse the athletes, who may have lacked the voice or the process to protect themselves.

This case involved marital discord. The police, apparently, were involved at different times. During their divorce proceedings, each party had attorneys. Apparently, it’s a contentious situation and one repeatedly seen in domestic courts across the country. Informed decisions were made to go forward as they did. The circumstances in this case are entirely different from those other matters and it is important to recognize those distinctions.

It is too easy to paint all situations with the broad brush of ignorance, then shout righteous generalizations and appear to have the answer. I suggest that he/we all need to wait for the investigative team from OSU to unravel the specific facts in the case. Allow the university time to publish its report and then evaluate the university’s actions based upon those findings. Additionally, there may be other court proceedings, which may unearth facts and place events in proper perspective.

Let’s not rush to judgment.

John Kissh



How blessed is the Findlay area is to have a person like Annalyse Dissinger (Page A6 story, Monday) doing something for somebody less fortunate than herself by making dresses for girls in need around the world. Keep up the great work and God bless you in your life.

Ruth Neal



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