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Letters to the Editor 08-10-18


I was reading earlier this summer that the United States has a record surplus of 1.39 billion pounds of cheese. The lack of demand for milk has led many of the family-owned dairies to have to sell off their herds and quit the business.

I have been thinking about this problem and how it could be solved.

I think I have come up with a possible solution. As many people know, wine and cheese complement each other well. If you have gone to a winery or been to a wine festival you will always find cheese plates available. Of course, wineries have already ordered the cheese they need and there is still this huge surplus, so a demand for the cheese has to be created.

I started thinking. What about taking large amounts of this excess cheese and distributing it at Trump campaign rallies. Anyone who has been to one, or seen one on TV, knows that all of his rallies become “whine” fests. Why not have some cheese to go along with the whine? Every time he whines about how unfairly he has been treated, pass out some cheese.

Trump plans to campaign throughout the fall. By the time the election rolls around there would be a huge dent in the cheese surplus. Heck, there might even be a need to produce more cheese to keep up with the demand.

Gary L. Davidson



This letter is in response to John Kissh’s letter (Aug. 7) on not rushing to judgment regarding coach Meyer’s process for making personnel decisions regarding his staff.

He challenged my view (letter, Aug. 6) that Meyer probably came to the wrong conclusion in how he came to hire, supervise, and fire a member of his staff. Note that I used the term “probably,” not “certainly,” which is a valid judgment about his explanation of the firing, not on what should happen as a result of his explanation.

I based my view on the difference between his initial statements on the firing of his coach, which did not agree with later statements, by his own admission. I also stated verbatim, “I didn’t have access to the rest of the story then, or what may be missing now.”

Even after learning the rest of the story, this would not explain away this discrepancy between his initial explanations and later, more accurate restatement of the facts in the firing.

There are other factors to consider. John’s letter stated there is no relationship between what happens on campus, which is covered under Title 9, and what happens domestically. Is that true when there is objective evidence that Mrs. Meyer knew what was going on abusively in the home about a coach who worked on campus?

There is evidence that Meyer has run a clean program at Ohio State, in contrast to the recent firing incident, and the mixed program he ran at Florida where there were multiple arrests for the off-campus behavior of his players.

Meyer couldn’t have the record he does on the field if he did not have some positive ability to motivate his players and staff, which translates beyond football. It can be fairly argued that his recent process in dealing with one situation was an aberration from the norm, and not the norm in his career.

Tom Murphy



I want to compliment whoever is in charge of the beautiful hanging baskets of petunias in downtown Findlay. As a gardener, I realize how difficult a summer this has been to keep them so full and nice.

Jackie Mayer



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