Letters to the Editor 08-22-18


I am writing about a story (Aug. 15, Page 5), “Ohio Supreme Court upholds trafficked girl’s murder conviction.”

A pimp was killed in an elaborate scheme to rob him of his “ill-gotten gain.” According to the article, the two people who planned the crime were two employees (slaves) of the pimp. Naturally, these two slaves, young women, performed all sorts of sexual acts for the pimp’s customers. I’m sure the two slaves got little or none of the pimp’s “income.”

Probably their pay amounted to a dose of narcotics to which their pimp had them addicted. Of course, if the female slaves got out of hand they could receive beatings, be tied to their bed, whipped, or all three. Many times these beatings were so bad that the poor girls ended up in the hospital.

Because a murder was committed, one of the poor girls was sentenced to 21 years to life in prison. If she did kill the pimp, she should have been given a medal.

People, this is the type of life thousands of young girls are living in the big cities in our country. Where is the ACLU? They don’t care, because there is no money in it for them. The liberals don’t care, because they weren’t indoctrinated about it.

Now, I described above how perhaps thousands of young girls are existing in conditions much worse than that. They are owned and controlled largely by narcotics. The pimps and their girls are known by the police and law enforcement people, and are allowed to continue those atrocities.

I know this is nothing new, but with addicting narcotics the girls don’t have a chance. I know that these things happen to teenagers and young women.

Shouldn’t pimps be given a death sentence?

Ralph Anderson




It is hard to win an argument with Donald Trump supporters when their beliefs come from Trump’s lying tweets and speeches.

It is hard for his supporters to believe facts and reality we can read, hear and see in the media. Trump supporters can’t win an argument, so they bring up Clinton to deflect from facts.

Clinton didn’t have Trump’s advantage of Russia interfering with the 2016 election. Trump supporters lose all credibility when they repeat lies coming out of Trump and his staff rather than facts coming from the media.

Trump continues denying Russian interference and threatens to revoke security clearances of those involved in the investigation of Russian interference. Yet the FBI, CIA, national intelligence agencies and Republicans in Congress have mountains of proof Russia interfered in our elections.

Over the years, Trump’s attacks are a daily part of his tweets and speeches, calling reporters “scum,” “slime,” “dishonest” and “disgusting.” He has called women lowlifes, dogs, fat pigs, disgusting animals and stupid.

Trump continues his attacks on the media, the attorney general, Republican FBI directors and the special counsel investigating Russian election interference.

The only thing good about Trump is his immature mental projection. Trump accuses others of the fraud he is committing. Trump’s off-the-wall behaviors are evidence he is guilty of corruption, conspiring with Russia and ties to the mafia.

Meanwhile, gas prices, products and services keep going up as wages stay the same. I’m still waiting on the best health insurance at lower prices, and Mexico paying for the wall Trump promised.

I’m still waiting on Trump defeating ISIS and spending so much time in the White House he doesn’t have time for golf. I’m still waiting for Trump to condemn the KKK, Nazis and white supremacists, as well as admit Russia interfered in our elections.

I’m still waiting for Trump to treat all Americans with respect, even his critics. Trump is like an actor/director on stage plotting with Russia to destroy our democracy/republic.

Don Iliff



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