Letters to the Editor 08-27-18


The recent letter from Findlay Auditor Jim Staschiak about his venture into building inspection at 438 W. Main Cross interested me. I went to the City of Findlay website and found the responsibilities of a city auditor.

They are: “The City Auditor’s Office oversees all the financial transactions of the City of Findlay. This includes, but is not limited to, the central collection of all accounts receivable, issuing the checks to vendors for all of the City’s bills, the payroll function for all of the employees of the City, balancing the general ledger, and preparing the financial statement for audit by the State. The Auditor’s Office also makes sure that the City is in compliance with all regulations and laws that affect the financial statement.”

Staschiak’s letter seems to suggest he goes beyond his designated job responsibilities.

Rather, it appears to be an attempt to promote discord among our elected officials and generate public support for his position, outside the proper channels of city government.

When our local government officials work as a group, within each person’s assigned job responsibilities, our community comes out ahead.

I have the utmost confidence in the evaluation given by Safety Director Paul Schmelzer about the cost of renovation exceeding the value of the building and property. I have worked with him in the past on a multimillion-dollar project and found his credentials impeccable.

His evaluation, not Staschiak’s, is what council should consider when making a decision on that property.

I do have to agree with Jim Stahl (letter, Aug. 24) that there is no hurry and that we should get as much out of the sale as possible.

Discussions and differences of opinion should be an encouraged part of public meetings. However, carrying those discussions and differences beyond these meetings to the Viewpoint page only creates an atmosphere of distrust and resentment.

In the end, our community is the biggest loser.

Charles Gerringer




I appreciate that Lorenzo Spilotros (letter, Aug. 25) wanted to see some facts about the child abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. I appreciate he has said that any abuse was wrong, but then he spends the rest of his letter undermining his premise to make martyrs out of child abusers.

The Catholic Church has had a massive problem with child abuse by priests and others for decades. Not just in the United States but in every country the church exists.

This tells us there has been a systematic and institutional effort to cover the abuse up. Even one child abused is one too many and it especially should hurt all Christians when the abuser is someone who is supposed to know better because they are clergy.

The church has paid billions to victims of the abuse.

The “far left” didn’t make those priests abuse children. The church needs to clean up their own house before they can even think they have any moral credibility to tell others how to live.

It was also very offensive that the Bonhoeffer quote was used. The quote refers to actual people who were murdered for their religious and political beliefs. No one in the Catholic Church has been murdered for their beliefs. What about the victims?

Douglas Berger



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